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  1. MacCrack

    Profile missing on iPhone

    I imported some custom profiles (not presets) into Lightroom Desktop. They synced to the cloud and are available in Lightroom mobile on my iPad (iPadOS 14.7.1, latest version of Lightroom mobile), but not on my iPhone (iOS14.7.1, latest version of Lightroom mobile). There I get the error...
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    Waiting for Connection after Sleep

    Since upgrading to Lightroom Classic 8.3 (on macOS 10.12.6) I have the following problem: syncing with Lightroom mobile works fine after a fresh launch of Lightroom. But when Lightroom is running and the Mac goes to sleep, after waking up the system, Lightroom doesn't want to sync anymore, it...
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    Optimize Catalog stuck/takes hours

    I have the newest version of Lightroom CC on Mac OS Yosemite and Optimizing Catalog takes forever. Last time I tried it took so long that I wanted to cancel it, but my system froze and I had to force restart my Mac. Now I tried with a freshly restarted Mac and Lightroom, and it is in progress...
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    Upgrade to LR 6 CC when I have perpetual version of LR 5

    I'm not sure how to upgrade properly to LR 6. I currently have LR 5 on my Mac which I bought and installed with a perpetual (stand-alone) license. Later I've subscribed to the CC photography bundle to get Photoshop. So now the situation is as follows: LR5 tells me that it is up-to-date (version...