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    No lens profile for Nikon 28-70 f/2.8

    I'm surprised, before the 24-70 came out it was Nikon's premier mid-range zoom. Imagine my surprise to find that there's no lens profile installed for it in LR 5. has anyone out there built on or knows where one my be? Thanks
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    How to uninstall old LR versions in OS X

    I have LR 4 and LR 5 installed...I assume 5.3 will overwrite 5.2, but how do I remove LR 4? I haven't yet located an uninstall file anywhere.
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    Keyword panel questions

    1) I have a hierarchal keyword structure where I try to only use the lowest level keyword knowing that the parent keyword(s) will export automatically (unless specifically told not to). However, I've noticed that some but not all parent keywords have numbers to the right of them. I assume that...
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    Tethering D7100 using Nikon wifi module

    Curious if anyone has done this and how well it works?
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    How to update smugmug data in LR

    I renamed some SmugMug galleries for consistency and LR is not reflecting the new names. How or when does LR sync up with SM to reflect the correct names?
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    Large storage options

    A while back I bought a NAS for storing pictures and iTunes library (lots of movies). Never been happy with the NAS and now I think it's having issues. LR is struggling (finding file errors that never existed before) and copying files from it to my iMac is also hanging. Not sure I want to...
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    It appears that something has corrupted an NEF file...maybe LR5??

    I don't know for show what damaged the file, but what I can say is that I just now noticed it as I upgrade my LR catalog in LR5. Here is the picture I posted to Smugmug many years ago of the Eiffel tower Here is what it looks like now in LR, CS6, and any viewer I use (clearly the file is...
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    Crazy crash of LR5 appears to have taken out my catalog

    So I was editing several old folders of pictures when suddenly it froze. When I tried to quit, it told me that it was writing xmp files and asked if I wanted to wait. There was no progress bar or anything indicating it was doing anything. Finally it stopped responding. I force-quit it (OS X...
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    Photo not readable after LR 5 upgrade

    I upgraded and then went back to an old folder of photos (several years old) that could use the new features (as practice). LR stated one of the pictures could not be read. I removed it, and then tried to reimport it (Add). In the import window it showed it (and a few others) as "Preview...
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    Facebook plugin has died

    More than willing to remove and reinstall, but no idea how. Not sure if the current one is one that came with Lightroom or a third party (so dead I can get no info from it). Does Lightroom ship with one? Can some one point me to the most current facebook plugin? Thanks
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    Custom filter question

    I saved a filter configuration as a custom filter where "red" files and those flagged as reject are hidden. I call it "Show Keepers". Is there a way to make that filter the default? Pretty sure I did this with LR 3 but now I can't figure out how to repeat that. Thanks
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    NAS file protocol requirment from virtualized Windows??

    (Posting this every where I think folks use Macs) I'm currently sharing network-attached storage (NAS) between a PC and a MacBook Pro. Because of the PC, I'm using both Windows file protocol (CIFS) and Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) . For reasons way too complex to describe here, the CIFS...
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    New iMac versus Mac Mini for LR/PS work??

    I'm considering trading in my PC for a Mac desktop, either a new iMac or a Mac Mini. The Mini seems to be a better deal but it apparently has a mobile CPU vice a desktop and a weak graphics card with no GPU. I say apparently because I can't confirm either (but suspect is true). Will the...
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    Moving LR to a new hard drive...?

    I just bought an SSD for my Mac Book Pro. I've installed Mountain Lion. So far the drive is connected externally so I can boot off either the original or the new one. What's the easiest way to move Lightroom to the new SSD. Can I just copy over some folders or do I need to reinstall? I...
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    I have an Adobe Forums question...

    I know this is a goofy place, but I've been trying to post a question on the Adobe Forums about Photoshop and instead of posting the question it does a query on similar posts (but none that answer my question). Does anyone here know how to actually post a question? question is...
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    xmp files

    I have a question about these sidecar files. I think I read somewhere that xmp files are a duplicate of what's in the catalog. So, if I have an issue with moving files in the catalog, can I create xmp files, remove them from the catalog, move the files, then reimport them, then delete the xmp...
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    Online Print plugin...???

    This is more of a wish than a question, but I'm truly surprised that one of the major online printing shops (ex MPIX) hasn't created a plugin that would allow a user to set up his account and then just dump photos to them for printing and delivery. First guy out the door with one would (I...
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    Couldn't find showing zero????

    I have a continuing issue where my NAS seems to disappear, and that's where I store all of my processed pictures. I just opened Lightroom and saw the stupid question marks on the whole drive. What I normally do is just open Finder (OS X) and navigate to the NAS share with the photos. That...
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    map module lesson learned

    OK, so I just completed a 5000 mile drive where I uses an iPhone app to record the entire trip in one log. Every time I changed time zones the app would remind me to change the time in the camera. I thought this would be important but instead this created a problem in LR4. I then auto-logged...
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    Can't recover PS edits from LR4

    OK, so I do an "edit in" CS5 and do some serious healing and cloning, convert to smart filters and then apply a couple of Nik filters. I save and quit and the edited tif file appears in LR4. Fine. I then want to do some more editing, so I select "edit in" CS5 and regardless of the option I...
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    How do folks use color labels?

    I used to use mine to indicate steps in my workflow, but that was before I switched to two of my labels are covered by flags. I used to mark "keep" (flag=Pick) and throwaways (flag = reject). I also have a color label for Whibal color reference photos, another for pano/HDR source...
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    My keyword structure

    Since I was struggling finding the best way to organize my keywords, I thought I'd share what I came up with (at a top level). My major groupings are Who What Where, and How "Who" has friends (clubs, school...), family (including pets...), celebrities (athletes, astronauts...), etc...
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    How do folks here use collections?

    I have a few smart collections (for example, finding photo's I've tagged as "done" that are missing metadata, captions, etc...) What I don't use are static collections. I keep my shoots in folders with logical names, and if I can't find things that way I just filter on keywords. I read...
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    Crop question

    Couldn't figure this out in LR3, was hoping Adobe would fix this in LR4 but apparently not. I'm trying to crop a photo down to a specific size (2048px wide) so that when shown in my yet-to-be-purchased iPad it will show with no resizing (and therefore no resolution or sharpness hits). I can...
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    Picture culling question

    I'm at wits end trying to find an easy way to do this. Here's an example to illustrate my issue... I have three folders of pictures of the same location like Paris ("day 1", "day 2", "day3"). I have many pictures of the Eiffel Tower scattered across all three folders. What's the best way...