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  1. Chris Wimlett

    Classic taking a long time to load after external drive reconnected.

    I've recently returned to using Classic so don't remember this being a problem in the past. My images are held on an external drive and I often edit on my laptop with the drive disconnected - Classic opens quickly on these occasions. When I do reconnect the drive and load Classic for the first...
  2. Chris Wimlett

    Migrating Classic catalogue for the second time after deleting Lightoom CC catalogue

    While trying to run Classic and LR CC desktop in parallel, I managed to get things out of step. I decided to delete the Lightroom CC catalogue and all cloud images to get things tidied up in Classic. When I try to migrate the tidied catalogue to CC though, I get the error saying the catalogue...
  3. Chris Wimlett

    Show camera EXIF data in LR CC Desktop?

    Is there a way to show all of the camera EXIF data in LR CC Desktop? The data is obviously retained as I can see it in Bridge if I save the original locally.
  4. Chris Wimlett

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas to everybody and very best wishes for 2019, who knows what excitements Adobe have in store? Thanks as well to Victoria and the other gurus for all their help and advice. Chris
  5. Chris Wimlett

    TIFF vs PSD

    In Classic, I've always edited raw images in Photoshop as PSD, but Lightroom CC only allows TIFF. TIFF is also the default setting in Classic, so is there any reason not to switch from PSD to TIFF? As far as I can tell TIFFs are significantly larger but are there any other drawbacks?
  6. Chris Wimlett

    Decision time - Lightroom and Photoshop

    I've been running Classic and CC in parallel for a month or two, and think it's time to come down on one side or the other (I'm getting too confused!). I work mosly on a laptop, so prefer not to have the external hard drive that holds my photo library connected unless I need to bring...
  7. Chris Wimlett

    LR CC - Editing in Photoshop as PSD?

    One of the things that's holding me back from switching finally to LR CC, is the lack of an option to edit raw files in Photoshop using PSD format. I'll admit that I'm not 100% sure of the advantages of PSD vs TIFF, but do know that TIFFs are about 50% bigger on my system. Apart from size, is...
  8. Chris Wimlett

    LR CC to Photoshop workflow

    I keep my originals on an external hard and am a bit confused about what happens when I edit an image in Photoshop with the drive disconnected. Does LR CC download the original from the cloud and generate a TIFF from this or does it generate the TIFF from the smart preview? I suspect it...
  9. Chris Wimlett

    Any downsides to using CC + Photoshop instead of Classic + Photoshop?

    I know the various various weaknesses of CC vs Classic, but CC has a lot of advantages for the way I work. I tend to use Photoshop for final editing of pictures I want to make public, and wondered if anybody had come across any problems with the CC to PS (and back) workflow? The only problem...
  10. Chris Wimlett

    Seeing which photos have keywords in Grid View

    I thought I'd seen somewhere that, in Grid View, Lightroom CC can show small label icons against photos having keywords. I can't find a way to do this though, is it possible in the Windows 10 version?
  11. Chris Wimlett

    Lightroom CC - grouping into stacks

    I'm probably mssing something really obvious here, but I can't seem to be able to group photos into stacks. I select photos in the film strip , e.g. a Raw+JPEG pair, right click and select 'Group into Stack' , but nothing seems to happen. Are there restrictons on which photos can be stacked...
  12. Chris Wimlett

    Master images on external HD - when does drive need to be connected ?

    Am I right in thinking that if I move my master images to an external drive, but leave the catalogue, smart previews, etc. on the system drive, I only need to connect the external drive when I import, edit in PS, or publish/print a photo?
  13. Chris Wimlett

    Store Album Locally, an easy way to use an alternative to PS as an external editor in LR CC?

    One thing that holds me back from switching to CC is not being able to use an alternative external editor to PS. It looks like I could now have an album of images that could be stored locally for further/alternative processing in ON1, for example. Can anybody see problems with this? Sadly, I...
  14. Chris Wimlett

    Is it OK to delete xmp files after restoring Lightroom?

    I had to reset Windows, so wrote settings to the image files when I backed up Lightroom. Now that I've restored everything, is it OK to delete the xmp files? They don't take up a lot of room but make the file system a bit messy
  15. Chris Wimlett

    New to Lightroom CC, which way to go?

    This is my first post, so hello to everybody :) I'm relatively new to Lightroom and, despite a lot of reading, am still unsure about which version to use. I used LR in the past (before moving to Aperture) and have recently signed up for the photography plan, intending to use Classic...