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    Does Lightoom find missing photos by filename?

    I have a bunch of iPhone photos with generic titles. I put them all in one folder, and I had to change the filenames of many of them to prevent duplicates (or overwritten files). Have I shot myself in the foot (or elsewhere)? Cheers, Will
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    Using the arrow keys in Lightroom

    Free tutorial by Michael Frye. Some tips I don't recall seeing elsewhere (but maybe that's just my bad memory). Cheers, Will
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    Nikon distortion firmware update / lens profiles in Lr

    I wondered how this would relate to lens profiles in Lr until I read that all it does is add distortion correction to more lenses than the previous firmware did. So I presume it has nothing to do with lens profiles in Lr. Am I correct? Will
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    Why does decreasing exposure desaturate an image?

    Sometimes I try to decrease highlights on skin using the adjustment brush and decreasing the exposure. That not only decreases the exposure, but desaturates the skin. I end up with gray patches rather than less-bright skin tones. Cheers, Will
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    Lr crops image when rotating

    I took a photograph of a quilt that hangs by one corner, not one side. I took the shot of the quilt with the sides parallel to the sides of the viewfinder, with the idea that I would rotate it into the right position (one corner at the top). However, when I rotated it, Lr cropped the image to...
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    Maximum number of images into a panorama?

    I just shot 141 photos to blend into a panorama in Ps. :crazy: I adjusted them in Lr and commanded Edit in > Panorama. I left the files as ~10K DGNs, and Photoshop choked on them. Then I converted them to ~800K JPGs, and Ps choked again. I finally got a panorama (of part of what I was hoping...
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    Unsupported bit depth files from Ps HDR Pro

    Recently when using three DNG files to create an HDR image, I've been getting a gray box in the library module, and when I try to "develop" it, I get the error message "unsupported bit depth." I've done lots of HDR mergers before, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I select three images...
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    Converting TIFFs to JPEGs without creating JPEG sidecars

    I have 80 TIFF files in my catalog that I don't need in that format. JPEG files would be fine and take up a lot less disk space. I tried exporting one as a JPEG and wound up with the JPEG as a sidecar to the TIFF. I certainly don't need that. How to I convert these TIFFs in a way that will let...
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    Is it possible to print or export a (hierarchical) keyword list?

    Couldn't find the answer in the FAQ. Could be my poor searching technique. Cheers, Will
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    Applying hierarchical keywords on import

    I asked this question in a long thread about some other issue, so I'll ask it again here. I use hierarchical keywords (e.g. People > Family > Brother) to make searching them easier (partly by keeping them consistent). Is there a way to apply something like People>Family>Brother directly on...
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    Working with HDR in Lightroom

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I read somewhere that color mapping of HDR images can now be done in Lightroom, as opposed to using the odd controls in Ps HDR Pro. When/how is this done? Just save the HDR file and open in Lr? Or is there some intermediate step in the creation of the...
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    New Nikon distortion correction tables vs. enabling corrections in LR4

    I just updated the firmware in my Nikon camera to NKLD1006.BIN, which contains new distortion correction tables. I haven't done any testing yet (of course), but I'm wondering how this affects using the LR4 lens distortion correction for my camera and lens. Anybody played with this yet? Cheers...
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    Specifying file sizes on export

    I've been experimenting with this and just wanted confirmation that I'm right. If I set the dimensions of the exported file in both height and width, both dimensions are just upper bounds. For example, exporting an image at 600 x 800 results in an image that is 600 in one dimension and less in...
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    "as shot" white balance from raw files

    I'm using a Nikon D90 and shooting raw. Last night I took photos of a benefit concert unprofessionally lit (well, not lit much at all) by incandescent lights above the stage. I was shooting at 1600 ISO and using the kit lens. When I imported my raw files into LR4 as DNGs, LR set the "as shot"...
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    Clarity seems to "lighten" image

    I'm surprised by the effect of the clarity slider in the beta. It now seems to make the image lighter (a la higher exposure). In Lr3, I didn't notice that behavior. Any comment on this? Cheers, Will :rolleyes:
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    Smart collection of "missing" photos?

    Is there a way to create a smart collection of photos that have wandered off and left a question mark on the previews? Cheers, Will
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    User error - how to recover?

    Yesterday, as a backup measure (against the advice of the FAQ), I exported my master catalog to an external drive. Now it seems that the images displayed by the internal drive catalogs (including recent backups), are many fewer, and all have the missing-photo question mark displayed. Everything...
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    Moving imported files to subfolder

    After I have imported some files, can I use Lightroom to move them into a particular subfolder? Also, when I remove some files from my database (but not from the hard drive), I see an option to import them into one subfolder, but not a particular subfolder. Any help with this would be...
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    Lightroom vs Photoshop

    I have Lr 3.' and Ps CS5. I find Lr very intuitive, whereas Ps is not. There are some aspects of Ps (all pixel-moving) that aren't available in Lr. Has anyone published a comparison of functions in Ps that correspond to functions in Lr? In studying Ps, I'd like to skip the bits that are...