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    Tethering issies Canon 1Dx II

    I upgraded to 10.4 but it kept locking up when tethered capture was launched. I dropped back to 10.3 and tethering seems to work although the program cannot find the camera initially but then indicates "MTP USB Device" in the camera name window. Seems to work so far. Anybody else get this...
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    Lightroom 9.4 Import Source listing not showing folders (Win 10)

    New problem for me here. When importing photos from desktop or the My Pictures folders (or any other source), two things happen: 1. The Source lists do not include the Desktop or the My Documents folder or really much of anything else other than some standard Windows C: locations, . No...
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    Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC on same laptop?

    I have been using LR since the 0.99 beta days and currently use Classic (8.4) for my photo business. I also teach college classes and have used Classic in all classes since it came out. During the summer the college IT crew went full CC and tossed Classic off all machines. They won't allow...
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    LR 8.4 freezing

    After reviewing a shoot and rejecting unwanted images (X key), I go to delete the rejected photos (Ctrl+Backspace) and LR becomes unresponsive. The same issue pops up when deleting a single image using the Delete key. The program does not respond up to 15 minutes (haven't waited longer!)...
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    Lightroom Cassic CC crashes upon images deletion

    When culling images and rejecting using the "X" key, I then go to Photo> Delete Rejected Photos > Remove and the program becomes non-responsive. Close it and re-open and the removal has been done as requested. I have done the Pref reset to no avail. Any ideas?
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    LR6 standalone gets install error

    Can't get LR6 to install (currently have v5.7)...continue to get window stating "Installation failed" and clicking the error summary link just opena a web page with a single line link "System requirements" which just leads to the CC sales page. Followed Adobe help forum guidelines, uninstalled...
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    Sporadic crash on sync in 5.6

    First post here. About every other day (I use LR 5.6 almost daily), I will be in develop mode and attempt to sync a set of images when everything shuts down...quick flash of some unreadable (no time) error message and then computer shuts down. Often reboots as if it was a normal shutdown and...