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    Heating problem

    If this is the incorrect Sub Forum, please feel free to move it Mods. My apologies in advance, this post is a bit long. I recently built myself a new computer and as such it works as intended. NOTE: This is NOT a Lightroom problem, Lightroom works just fine, even with the GPU turned on in...
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    Files in Backup Folder, needed or not?

    I went to clean up my Backups folder today, and found these files in there: Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat Temporary Import Data-10.db Temporary Import Data-2.db Temporary Import Data-3.db Temporary Import Data-4.db Temporary Import Data-5.db Temporary Import Data-6.db Temporary Import...
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    Need Tips for Solar Eclipse

    I'm hoping for some pointers based on the equipment I have. Equipment I will have with: Canon EOS 500D Canon EF Lens 28mm Lens Tamron 70-300mm Lens Polarizing Filters for both Lenses Remote Trigger Tripod We here in Ireland will be having a partial Solar Eclipse (approx. 90%) early...
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    Filter to find photos with Brush Adjustments

    Just a quick question: I was wondering if there is any way possible to make a Smart Collection of photos, that use either a particular Adjustment Brush adjustment, or at least any photo that uses said adjustment? Or, probably the same thing, a way to filter out photos that use said adjustment?
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    Recommended Import Scan DPI

    I am about to start scanning a LOAD of old prints onto computer for a friend. The imported photos are intended to backups for the physical prints, and will mostly be viewed on-screen. I know the on-screen resolution is 72 dpi, but here's my question: IF it should happen that something...
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    Dealing with Smoke

    Quick question. I was at a reunion last night and shot a bunch of candids, some of which were done when the locale decided to pour smoke into the area. I shoot using RAW, so there'll be some playroom, but would I be correct in thinking: The Contrast, Blacks & Clarity sliders are what I sould...
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    Proceedure witha greycard

    I finally got myself a greycard, and took it out for it's first spin today. When I got back and started processing, I used the WB dropper on the greycard shot, then copied the WB setting, and then pasted that setting into all the pictures. My question is this: Is there a more efficient way...
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    Completely off-topic: help me identify this texture

    I was doing some graphics for my brother-in-law's band, and kind of got stuck at the logo. They had a graphic against a bright white background, but nobody has the original layered file, or where to get it. I managed to cut out and restore it reasonably respectably, but what I'd LIKE to do, is...
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    2013 Calendar Templates

    I realise this is a couple of weeks late, but read on... I wanted a calendar for 2013, in particular, one that started the week on a Sunday. Following this post, Brad Snyder posted a link to Matt Kloskowski's blog post regarding calendars, which in turn pointed to Ed Weaver's page that had...
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    Lighting setup for this?

    Just wondering if anyone here can help on this. I will be doing some portraits of a friend who's a classical guitarist, including close-ups of hands-on-guitar. And I've been Googling for tips/advice/tutorials on doing these type of photos, in particular, lighting setup, but I can not find...
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    Which Monitor

    I powered up my system today to find my main monitor has died, and after making some call to see if anyone could repair it, it looks as though I may have to buy a new one, Being unemployed and broke, the ABSOLUTE max I could scrape together is just about 200 Euro. So I was looking on eBay...
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    PSD Search in Catalog

    Question, would this be the correct filter to use if I am looking for all PSD files in a catalog (click to view)?
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    PSD Templates as TIF?

    I have several PSD Templates for Flyers, most of which came as a PSD file in CMYK mode. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any disadvantages of saving them as TIF, would doing so lose any of the info from the PSD format, color information or otherwise hinder customizing them?
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    Wacom advice for Lightroom?

    I purchased a Wacon Bamboo Pen this week, and have been practicing with it in Photoshop, the most difficult thing at the moment is getting used to the relative positioning of the cursor. Anyway, what I wanted to ask here is this, Is there any recommended way to use a Graphic Tablet in...
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    Photo not stacking with original after HDR Merge

    I am doing several HDR merges, so I choose "Merge to HDR Pro in PS", PS then does it's thing, and I do mine, and then when I hit save in Photoshop and go back to LR, I have to manually add the merged HDR File into the stack of three it came from. Am I missing a setting in LR4.1, or just...
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    Need help styling TTG Client Response Gallery

    I'm just trying to double my chances of getting this matter sorted out. Rather than type it all again, may I re-direct to this post on TTG Forums: I spent the entire day today trying to do that styling, and got exactly nowhere, so I'd...
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    Beginner Video - Enhancing Photos with the Develop Module

    Since I can't post in the Tips, Tricks & The Starter Kit section, I figured this would be the next best place to post this (Admins feel free to copy or move it there is you see fit). I got hold of a subscription from, and checked out this tutorial amongst a couple of others...
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    Help ID'ing fonts

    I need to make up something for a reunion, and cannot figure out what fonts were used on this card, can anyone help on this matter please?
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    New bug with skin

    Victoria, I found this bug using the custon black skin, it was NOT there the last time I used it. It concerns the drop-downs at the top of the page, in the case of the screenshot, the "Quick Links" drop-down, but it is the same on all dropdowns, and I also tried it on Chrome, Opera, Safari...
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    Slideshow Software

    I read somewhere a while back that there was a slideshow software that would allow you to tap a key when you wanted the next photo to appear (like on a tone, beat or tempo change in whatever music was added to the slideshow), but that it was only available for the Mac. Looking around the net...
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    Freeware Card Recovery Program for Photos

    I just thought in case anyone found it useful, I'd post this. For a friend of the family, I had reason today to try to recover files that vanished from her camera's SD card. When I got the card home, and put it in my reader, there were only 32 images visible in explorer on the card in Windows...
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    Suggestions on how to restore this?

    I am currently digitizing almost 300 negatives from about 25-30 years ago for a Youth Club Reunion, scanning all sorts, slides, 35mm, 126 film and 110 film, these latter negatives are REALLY kicking my butt. I can't get a decent look to them unless I desaturate to B&W, however, I would like, if...
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    Signature Images or lack thereof

    I was having a good day, and wanted to brag a little, since I passed my final exam in my Web Design class today, and am now officially an Adobe Certified Accociate. But when I went to insert this image to my signature I could not find a way to add the image, not even the IMG tag worked, that...
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    Photosmart 6510e - Black ink fading almost to brown

    [FINAL UPDATE] Photosmart 6510e - Black ink fading almost to brown HP Photosmart 6510 e All-in-one. I got the above printer about a week ago, it is printing documents and color documents just fine. HOWEVER, I only just had time today to test out the REAL reason I bought it, photo prints...
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    Edit in Photoshop, layer always locked...

    I am sitting here processing a series of photos from a shoot I did last weekend, so far as the processing goes, fine so far, no problems. I have a somewhat Lightroom-related "edit-in" question. Since the space in which I had to shoot was indoors and rather small, I have to open almost every...