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    web module - newbie

    im using LR for years but i never touched the web module until today. i was able to make a decent gallery and upload it to my website hoster. my question is... how the hell do i send only UPDATES / CHANGES? i mean every time i change something on the layout and send the update to my website...
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    curves in LR 4

    it is still not possible to have the curves adjustment just affecting the luminance and not saturation in LR4.. correct?
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    x-rite colorchecker passport and LR

    i hope it fits in this forum.... it´s more a lightroom "problem" then a problem with the colorchecker passport. i have the colorchecker passport for some days. my workflow: i import the .CR2 raw files from memorycard as DNG copy into lightroom. create a DNG camera profile with the...
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    proof ?

    normaly i don´t print from lightroom and i have just started to look into LR 4 softproofing. now there is a point "proof" in the settings menu. i wonder what that is for? it seems not to affect softproofing.
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    LR 4... only a bit of a rant....

    i know it´s not nice to introduce yourself with a rant but.. i keep it short. ;) first im a lightroom user since v1. im quite familiar with LR.... as long as it´s the library and develop modul. i don´t use the other modules. :) i had great hopes for LR 4... i hoped for a great geotagging...