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  1. RikkFlohr

    Lightroom 5.7 is released

    Adobe released Lightroom version 5.7 this evening. New Camera Support, Tethering Support, Lens Profiles, Bug Fixes and Lightroom mobile/web enhancements are included. Details can be found here: Yes, Nikon D750...
  2. RikkFlohr

    500px Plugin Released

    Stop me if you heard this one.... I have not tested it yet. Even though the page does not say so, the plugin is listed as a 'beta'
  3. RikkFlohr

    Adobe publishes known issues with OS 10.7 Lion (Including Lightroom) It may affect you-especially on older versions.
  4. RikkFlohr

    Jeff Friedl's Facebook Export Plugin now supports Fan and Biz Pages

    If you were holding back on Jeff's plugin, now is the time to dive in. The added functionality which allows you to post to Fan and Business pages in addition to your personal page is a huge boost. I am not a paid spokesperson but I heartily endorse this update.
  5. RikkFlohr

    Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday in US. Update your Cameras along with your clocks

    If you value your sort orders in Lightroom, use multiple cameras, or just want to reference correct capture time and dates, remember to update your camera's clock this weekend as well. I write about this twice-yearly but people still forget...
  6. RikkFlohr

    iPad's Vbulletin Forum Reader Apps don't see Lightroom Forums

    Is this a timing thing because of the switch or does something have to be enabled so that the Vbulletin reader apps can find the forum? It would be nice to use a forum reader rather than Safari on the iPad to access LRF.
  7. RikkFlohr

    Apple Ups the Ante with Aperture for a measly 79.00 through the new OSX App Store

    Apple pushed the 10.6.6 update today. It also launched the OSX app store featuring Apple's Aperture, a prime Lightroom competitor, for 79.00 (120.00) less than a boxed version was on Apple's site earlier. With Lightroom priced at 299.00 and 99.00/Upgrade Apple is apparently trying to buy the...
  8. RikkFlohr

    Forum Icon

    Trivial, I know but have we ever thought about getting a forum Favicon? Look at how pitiful LR Forums looks against all the other pretty icons in my Google Chrome bookmark bar.
  9. RikkFlohr

    Correcting for time changes when you forget to reset your Camera's Clock

    Many of us have done this. I just did it this week. If you live in the most of the US and many other countries, you are experiencing the wonder of Daylight Saving Time. But, you may have forgotten to set your camera's clock when you advanced all the clocks in your home. If you haven't plugged...
  10. RikkFlohr

    Seeking Web Gallery Shopping Cart-style Solution for Items without Pricing

    I have a client who is looking to build a gallery using Lightroom. It would be constructed similarly to the Lightroom Galleries PayPal functionality only the items in it would not be priced. The goal is to send their clients to the site where they would click on various items to add them to a...
  11. RikkFlohr

    Matching Exposure Targets

    Painlessly matching a target such as an 18% gray card or an exposure assistance/color balancing device like a Munsell color chart or a Datacolor Spyder Cube™ can be done quickly within Lightroom. To quickly set your exposure to a target in the Develop module: 1. Apply any camera profiles you...
  12. RikkFlohr

    Need some Email Advice

    My email needs to be brought under control. I have a desktop, two laptops, one of which is a Macbook with dual boot (Mac and Win 7) and a Smartphone (Droid). I have three email addresses under my ISP (mostly for the main family address, an old business addy that I still monitor and a personal...
  13. RikkFlohr

    Lightroom hangs on delete files after 2.6 installation

    Installed the 2.6 update yesterday. Imported new images today. Select multiple images. Delete. Select Delete Files (remove works fine). Watch the hourglass spin for an hour. Kill Lightroom. Open. Question Marks in all the previously deleted frames. Is anyone else seeing this? UPDATE: It appears...
  14. RikkFlohr

    Apple releases new Canon Printer Drivers for Snow Leopard'_6 I am testing today to see if improvements were made…
  15. RikkFlohr

    Apple releases 10.6.1 Snow Leopard Patch

    Downloaded it last night and am testing it right now.Details here: The update is supposed to fix some printing issues and save issues from PS.
  16. RikkFlohr

    Mass Snapshotting? Snapshot into Keyword?

    Would anyone but me find this useful? Example: I am shooting a swim team on chroma key -tech green seamless. I bring the images into LR, applying my camera profile, basic mass editing, WB, etc all on import. I do a quick edit to each image. Wish: Select All - Snapshot - All images get the same...
  17. RikkFlohr

    Keyword Lists now available from Fleeting Glimpse Images, LLC

    Greetings all, Last week, I launched the first three keyword sets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom™. The keyword lists are available for purchase from my website: Fleeting Glimpse Images The first three lists available are: Birds of Costa Rica, Mammals of North America and Natural Forms. Each...
  18. RikkFlohr

    Unable to associate .lrcat to Lightroom in Vista 64 HP

    I teach Lightroom and use a variety of catalogs in my course-ware. Normally, in Vista 32 bit, I would double click on the .lrcat file for the catalog I desired and Lightroom would open with that catalog. I am finding that the 64 bit version doesn't associate. The .lrcat file is a blank icon and...