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  1. Califdan

    Unable to move image files

    LR syncing to the cloud was disabled for all releases priro to 10.4. It does not matter if you upgraded anything to the latest versions or not. As of the day they released LR/11, syncing for all releases before 10.4 was turned off. If you want to continue syncing (at least for awhile)...
  2. Califdan

    Mask terminology

    At one time in the writing of my tutorial, I found that this sentance made it's way into my Word document: "After Selecting your selection type select the portion of the image you want to select". After a good laugh, I decided to switch all my references to the B's from "Selection" to...
  3. Califdan

    Mask terminology

    John, I am in 100% agrement. When writing my Text tutorials I too was confounded about what to call the "B"s. The "A"'s, I thnik, are pretty universally referred to as Masks, but as you say the B's are all over the map with "Masks", "Components", "Selections" and many others. Personally I...
  4. Califdan

    Applying a keyword to a collection folder?

    Keywords are not applied to folders or collections. Only to master images and vitual copies. Folders and Collections can be assigned a color label. You can also "name" your color labels as a way to remember what each color means. For example, you could name the red one "High", the yellow...
  5. Califdan

    Using Brush Tool doesn't show much change... (inconsistent)

    Make sure you Flow and Density are at the max. Also make sure your "global strenght" for the entire mask is at 100% (minimize the Adjustments Panel which replaces the full set of sliders with just one "strength" (I think that's the word) slider. If none of that helps, Send screen shot of your...
  6. Califdan

    Deleting Old Catalogs

    Yes. However there are a few other folder/files that don't start with the name of a catalog (e.g. Elare Messages) so I'd leave those on the system along with your v10-v11 files and folders.
  7. Califdan

    Folder names

    When you import, in the Destination panel on the right side of the import dialog, you choose "By Date". This option tells LR to create and mainatin a date oriented folder structure underneath with the folder selected just below. The pattern of the folder structure is selected on the...
  8. Califdan

    Worth Not Backing Up Previews?

    skipping the previews folder is the same as skipping all the .lrprev files contained therein. However, depending on the tools you're using for backup, telling it to skip the folder may be way faster than requiring it to drill down to each and every file to see if it is a .lrprev file. The...
  9. Califdan

    Develop module Hard Drive Issues

    I've also seen bad cables manifest as if it were a bad drive. If you have a spare cable laying around you may want to swap it in and see if that has any effect. While you're at it, make sure both ends of your existing cable are firmley plugged in.
  10. Califdan

    Lightroom will not update target files after export

    Just a weird thought....... In LR11, it doesn't update metadata values till you move to the next image rather than updating when you exit each field or make each change. Concievably if you change your Caption, that change is in RAM only till you move to the next image. If you didn't move to...
  11. Califdan

    Library module Changed Hard Drive - now many folders do not appear.

    If you say that in the import dialog when you try to re-import (BTW re-import is not a solution to your problem, but in this case offers a clue) the images show up for a moment then dissappear. This is a good thing. It demonstrates that the LR catalog still knows about the images. Whatever...
  12. Califdan

    Is this a bug?

    I know one can submit a "bug" report, but wouldn't Adobe think of this more as an "Omission" or "Feature Requst"? In other words not sure how to label it.
  13. Califdan

    Is this a bug?

    When using Masks, If you select to use a preset on the "Effects" line in the Adjustments Panel but then decide to go back to the default or standard (i.e. stop using the preset) that doesn't seem to ba an option in the Effects Presets popup. Short of manually creating an Adjustments Preset...
  14. Califdan

    Having problem with switching to Version 11 LRC

    Prior to exporting the entire catalog, you may want to start by optimizing and check integrity of the V10 catalog and then try the conversion to 11.0 again. If that doesn't work, then try Philippe's idea.
  15. Califdan

    Best practices for creating Travel Catalog

    Another option is to copy the entire folder containing the catalog including the folder containing your presets (as Clee described) to your external drive which contains the images. Make a copy of this drive to leave home (just in case), then take the external drive with you on your trip...
  16. Califdan

    Library module file name, copy name, title, caption, label

    Oops, forgot about other color label sets. What I meant is that use and meaning of the content of the label field is quite variable between applications.
  17. Califdan


    PS: take note that this ONLY works in the grid view. Not the Loupe, survey, or compare views even if you have all desired images selected inthe film strip.
  18. Califdan

    Library module file name, copy name, title, caption, label

    Copy name is sort of a nick name for an image - sometimes use like an an alternate file name. As Clee pointed out, when you have more than one LR image based on the same physical image - VC or Virtual Copy in LrC lingo - the Copy Name field is normally used to differentiate the various VC's...
  19. Califdan

    Every year I make a bet

    Unknown. However a while ago Adobe did embed the year in product names like "Lightroom CC 2015" but it only lasted around a year and they abandoned the idea. Probably because the big new release dates always seemed to be out of sync with the date in the name of the release which casued...
  20. Califdan

    Collection Organization

    I think the "best" answer is to use them in whaterver way makes your life easier. For some this could be by subject, for others by project, for others by workflow step, for others by who knows what. If you find that your needs include several different organizational types then make a...
  21. Califdan

    Ratings not showing in survey mnode

    If you have more than 25 images selected for the Survey View, you lose the info under each image. The "25" number may vary based on monitor size, but that what it is on my monitor.
  22. Califdan

    Understanding the relationship between Lightroom and Classic

    Two notes: 1) from Classic you can delete from Lighroom by removing (not deleting) the image from the all synced photos special collection in the catalog panel, leaving the image in Classic 2) Image eidts sync both ways. However, only some metadta syncs between Classic and Lighroom. The two...
  23. Califdan

    Export in timestamp order

    As Clee said, there is no inherent sort order for files in a folder. However the default for most applicaitons is alphabetical on file name. If your goal is to export a bunch of files which you then send to someone via "", you'd like the image files to appear to be in capture...
  24. Califdan

    LrC Consulting and Tutoring

    Steve, Thanks for the kind words. Glad I was able to get you back on track after your less than fortunate experience with Adobe Tech Support.