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  1. Jim Wilde

    Auto Advance?

    Library module>Photo menu>click on the Auto Advance option to uncheck it.
  2. Jim Wilde

    Finding files with older process versions

    In the Library Menu there's an option to "Find Previous Process Photos", which if executed will create a special collection in the Catalog Panel entitled "Previous Process Photos", which obviously will contain all photos that are not using the current process version.
  3. Jim Wilde

    How to set up Collection links between the Lr app and Lr on my computer

    It sounds as though you are talking about the sync icon that shows when a collection is synced with the cloud. In which case, those icons cannot appear in an exported catalog as only one catalog at a time can be the "synced catalog", i.e. the exported catalog is not synced with the cloud unless...
  4. Jim Wilde

    Presets and Preferences questions

    There's a bug in LrC in relation to R5 images (also R and R6 as well), in that LrC automatically applies LC and CA during import. Nothing to do with presets, it's a simple bug. I reported it a while back (March!), but it hasn't been fixed yet.
  5. Jim Wilde

    Presets and Preferences questions

    A screenshot of that Preferences>Presets tab would be useful.
  6. Jim Wilde


    Yes, we see what you're saying, but that simply cannot be can have ONE location for the local copy of all the stored originals, and the only thing you can change is the location. When you do change the location, Lightroom is supposed to MOVE the existing local copy to the new...
  7. Jim Wilde

    Is there a Photoshop Queen

    "Reset All Warning Dialogs" on the Prefs>General tab should get that dialog back, John.
  8. Jim Wilde

    Trouble with Migration/scanning step - going from LR classic to LR

    The instructions in that thread state that you have to use the LrWeb app (login at, click on your avatar top right, click on Account Info and you should then see the "Delete Lightroom Library" option. However, I'm not entirely sure that should be necessary, instead you could...
  9. Jim Wilde

    Adobe Downloader vs Export Option

    In principle, that method can be used, and in fact I've used something similar several times in the past in a major way. But in practice it can be rather difficult to achieve easily, specifically the part where you say "Move the XMP files next to their image files"....the problem being how to...
  10. Jim Wilde

    Adobe Downloader vs Export Option

    Yes of course the user could do that, but it doesn't help solve the problem I mentioned. Album membership (Collections in Classic) details are not included in XMP, so that information is lost when exporting using "Original + Settings" from Lightroom. One workaround would be to assign...
  11. Jim Wilde

    Text Filtering

    The Smart Collection criteria for both "Title" and "Caption" have the "Is Empty" operand.
  12. Jim Wilde

    Fixed bugs in LR 11.0.1?

    I think it contains fixes for these bugs: 1. Catalog upgrade fails with certain catalogs 2. LrC gets Stuck/Hung upon Exit on macOS 3. LrC 11.0 crashes on Windows
  13. Jim Wilde

    Adobe Downloader vs Export Option

    Whilst doing the "migration" the way Johan suggested is by far the simplest method, there is however one potential drawback....basically some of the metadata that you may have entered in the cloud will NOT download with the images. Specifically, any keywords and location data that you may have...
  14. Jim Wilde

    Missing subfolders with capture dates in Lightroom Classic

    There's no simple answer to that. There are an awful lot of features that Classic has that Lightroom doesn't, so for many users it's a bit of a no-brainer to prefer Classic. But that rather misses the point that not everyone needs or wants those additional features, and some potential users are...
  15. Jim Wilde

    Image edited in Photoshop not importing/stacking back into LR

    As well as saving the image in PS, you also have to then close the image in PS (or close PS itself). Simply saving is not enough....
  16. Jim Wilde

    LR to LR Classic

    We need to be clear what we are talking about in regard to "folders", as they are not the same thing in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. In Lightroom Classic, "folders" represent how we have used the file system to organise/store our data on the hard drives. Each folder can contain image files...
  17. Jim Wilde

    Testing Lightroom classic-new user

    In the Library menu, uncheck the option to "Show Photos in Subfolders".
  18. Jim Wilde

    Select Subject LR Classic 11

    See this thread: Invert Mask with Subject and Brush Subtraction
  19. Jim Wilde

    Missing subfolders with capture dates in Lightroom Classic

    Yes, you probably did miss the Lightroom Classic Preferences>Lightroom Sync tab there's an option to specify the location of all downloaded images from the cloud, and a secondary option allows you to specify one of the standard date-based folder schemes. If you didn't select...
  20. Jim Wilde

    Remove default mask

    That's one of the clipping indicators (blue for clipped blacks, red for clipped whites). Pressing "J" will toggle them off.
  21. Jim Wilde

    Photos are grainy in library mode

    What happens if you zoom to 1:1 in Library, does the preview clear up then?
  22. Jim Wilde

    Photos are grainy in library mode

    There's not a preview size called "normal". Do you mean "Standard" or something else?
  23. Jim Wilde

    Crop & Straighten

    It has to remain unlocked if you want to crop randomly.
  24. Jim Wilde

    Crop & Straighten

    Have you unlocked the cropping tool to allow a custom aspect ratio to be used?
  25. Jim Wilde

    Caption Problem Lrc11

    On Windows, Ctrl+Return On Mac, Opt+Return