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  1. Denis Pagé

    Printing a mix of rectangular, rounded corners and oval shaped images in a Pkg.

    Printing a mix of rectangular, rounded corners and oval shaped images in the same print package. [hr] This may be the very first Lightroom version 3 Tip & Trick all around even if it is not released yet as I am writing this but you can already try it using the Lightroom 3 Beta 2 (current)...
  2. Denis Pagé

    Using a secondary display

    Using a secondary display Demonstrated by Julieanne Kost from
  3. Denis Pagé

    Super Farron 76 mm f / 0.87

    Anyone know anything about this lens: Super Farron 76 mm f / '.87 of the Farrand Optical Corp. i.e. format, back focus, image quality, etc. It was used on military aero cameras. I checked with "google" but there is little info on this lens.
  4. Denis Pagé

    Time adjust...

    At the moment I write this, the forum's time is set to summer time. If I update my profile to make the adjustment, I guess I will be off again when Ian adjust the forum's time...
  5. Denis Pagé

    Jeffrey’s “Data Plot” Lightroom Plugin

    Jeffrey Friedl released a new one! Jeffrey’s “Data Plot” Lightroom Plugin
  6. Denis Pagé

    FormToEmail charset

    Matthew, thanks to the way we can change menus in you latest templates, my site was easily done in french! :) One problem tough, when my (french) visitors fill the forms, it is normal for them to write in french with accented characters. Altough, when I receive their input by mail from...
  7. Denis Pagé

    LR Galleries automatic translator?

    Hey Matthew! What about adding a checkbox in your TTG Galleries to enable this as you did for Google analytics?... See:''9/'9/translate-your-website-with-google.html
  8. Denis Pagé

    TTG Pages - TTG Highslide - TTG Client Response

    Buyed TTG Pages yesterday... Matthew on his blog say that Pages "is fun to use". For me, this is an understatement. I would say "TTG Pages is instant reward!". The problem is that the fun do not last very long as you are done in no time! Two hours for an entire site? Yes I did! Now for the...
  9. Denis Pagé

    Do you use keywords?

    A while ago, I've read on the net that only 1'% of Lightroom users do use keywords! This was quite a surprise for me and I still wonder... Lets see how we score here at Lightroom Forums. I understand that we should take the results with a grain of salt as all Gurus will probably vote "Always"...
  10. Denis Pagé

    EPSON 3880 is out!

    Announcement! The most wanted EPSON 388' is out! Same price as was the 38'' when it came to the market. Now with Ultrachrome K3 Vivid Magenta technology!
  11. Denis Pagé

    Entering "date/time of original" in the EXIF data block of scanned TIFFs

    Tip submitted by: Edwin aka ehch [hr] TIF files from scanners often do not have IPTC or EXIF data. A manual setting of the "date/time of original" in the EXIF datablock is not possible in LR (at least I don't know how to). There is a way around this: When importing the TIF files into LR...
  12. Denis Pagé

    Lists HTML tags

    It seem that both in preview message and sent message, using ordered or unordered lists makes no difference. They both show up as unordered lists...
  13. Denis Pagé

    OS Versions in Profiles

    May I suggest the XP and Vista OSes that one can choose in the drop down list be replaced by: XP 32 XP 64 Vista 32 Vista 64 as some users' problems are present in one and not the other of the variants...
  14. Denis Pagé

    40 years ago...

    Real time reconstitution: Enjoy
  15. Denis Pagé

    Re: For Ian: Old links not working

    For Ian: Old links not working This one is for Ian to start with... Ian, you told us that the format for links in the old forum database is changed. Do you think you can make an SQL query to change them all at once? if not: Can you enlighten us about the old format versus the new one so we...
  16. Denis Pagé

    And you thought Lightroom is slow processing your images?...

    The map of Centaurus A, a galaxy in the Centaurus constellation, covers a segment of sky 2'' times the area of the full moon... ... It took 1,2'' hours of observing time and 4'6 images, taken by the Australia Telescope Compact Array and Parkes radio telescopes, to create the detailed map. It...
  17. Denis Pagé


    Title says it all. I just ask some one to add a dummy reply to this so I can test if I can delete this whole thread...
  18. Denis Pagé

    Member's list

    Members tab top of forum: Clicking "Status" (left column) doesn't sort by online/offline.
  19. Denis Pagé


    I find smileys strangely ordered. Also it seem that there are some apparent duplicates as for example rolleyes ::) (4th) and icon_rolleyes (25th and not working). Tongue :p and icon_razz (also not working) look quite similar etc.
  20. Denis Pagé

    Multi-Quote Messages

    :icon_idea: For those not knowing how to do it with the new forum software. This must be done prior to click the Preview button. Just click the quote button for the wanted messages and they will be added to the quick reply box. Then you can go in advanced mode by clicking Preview if you wish to...
  21. Denis Pagé

    Welcoming Mitch....

    Welcome to Lightroom Forums Mitch and thanks for the contribution! :D I will ask a forum operator to move your post here so it will fit together with other preset sources...
  22. Denis Pagé

    Import bug report #1

    This one is for french users and is more an annoyance than a real bug. Will report to Adobe... Windows or Mac, in the french version, when you import and choose organize by date, the sample say: 17-12-2''5/2''5 but it does organize as I want as 2''5/2''5-12-17 like in the english version. This...
  23. Denis Pagé

    Import bug report #2

    I will also send this to Adobe and will report on minor Import bug #1 later... I am now importing by organizing by date since some months and when having some free time, restructuring the older imports within Lightroom and all is fine here. Since Lightroom came alive as a beta, I destroy all...
  24. Denis Pagé

    The Starter Kit

    So you are new to Lightroom and do not know where to start? Here are some most essentials to read: :D Adobe Lightroom 5 - Quick Start Guide (76 page free eBook) And also these popular threads: The Basics - Quick Start Essentials Lightroom Top 10 Gotchas (or stuff you wish you'd known when...
  25. Denis Pagé

    Lightroom 2 selected Best Photo Application of the year by TIPA

    Lightroom 2 has been selected as the best photo application of the year by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA)! See also Best of the year equipment in other categories here.