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    Moving images, check none are missing

    Hi LR Classic 9.2.1 - I'm moving all my images from old nas to new one. Copying outside LR then finding missing, doing a number of folders at a time and all going fine. I can check all folders are copied at folder level as no "?" once I've pointed at the new location. I want to check every...
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    Ok to upgrade to Classic 7.3.1

    Seeing a few problems people have had I've stayed with 7.2. Have the problems been sorted out and backups corruption been fixed with 7.3.1 ?
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    Should I ignore Lightroom Mobile

    I’ve pretty much decided on my LR Classic / LR CC workflow (with much help reading this forum. Classic will be my main stay with LR CC being used to import images when I travel (being synced then deleted on my return) and LR CC also being used to share chosen (Classic) edited images on my...
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    Backing up Images using iPad, External Drive and LR

    Mobile Operating System: IOS 11.2.6 Desktop Operating System: macOS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.2 and LR CC (not using LR CC yet) Hi When I travel I take an old netbook (Windows 7) and an external portable drive (Lacie Rugged USB no mains) to...
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    Which Video Editing software

    Total newbie to video editing. I'm going to start transferring all my old home video tapes to digital then edit them and produce DVDs etc for my extended family. I've got analog 8 tapes and MiniDV tapes for two different cameras and think I've sorted how to get them on the computer (using an...
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    Keywording People

    After using Lightroom for a couple of years I'm about to start keying wording all my images. After reading lots of threads on here I'm happy with my planned keyword hierarchy but wanted to check if how I'm planning to keyword people is right. I'm planning to use Face Recognition only. Planned...
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    External Hard Disk or NAS

    Hi, question of where to keep images and backing up ? For a long time I've been keeping things as follows:- Current year images on my iMac Previous years images on my NAS (not enough room on mac to keep them there) Import backup images on external drive connected to iMac iMac is manually...
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    Limit File Size help please

    Help please. I have an image (raw with some develop settings) that when I export at 100% with no file size limit and no resizing is 25.5MB. I need to have a file less than 25MB to upload for producing a photo book. If I Limit File Size to 24,000K or reduce Quality to 90% both come out at 14.4MB...
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    "Locking" Edits

    Is there anyway to "lock" an image once you have finished processing so that you can not inadvertently (read my stupidly) change edits ? Cheers
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    Beginners Understanding/Question Camera Profiles and White Balance starting point

    Hi I’m just going to start using LR (v4.4) and also moving to processing RAWs for the first time (been shooting RAW + JPEG for awhile ready to learn RAW processing; once confident will stop shooting JPEG) Read loads on the forum, have VB’s excellent missing FAQs ebook and been playing a lot. I...
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    Big Thanks to Victoria Bampton from a beginner

    A big thank you to Victoria I brought LR version 1 and upgrades to 3 and 4 plus various books but never actually used it, always planning to but started reading one of the books and all got to involved so back to a bit of photoshop and no organisation. I downloaded Victoria's free quick start...
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    Advice pls. PSE vs CS6

    I use CS2, just started usIng LR and planning to buy Topaz suite of plug-ins. I use specialist software on-site for my event photography business so CS2 is just used for "pixel editing" and a little bit with layers. I'm not a heavy post processor. I was considering buying CS6 (no reason other...