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    Sync Bug 5yrs on

    Hi I've been with LR since beta, and have had a hiatus away from editing for almost 5yrs. Previously (years ago), i have reported a bug that continually bugged the sh*$ out of me, and today to my amazement it still exists. unless, which is quite possible i missing something. After editing an...
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    Preferences bug

    Hi I have recently upgraded/updated LR to a new desktop. Every time i go to Edit->Preferences, LR freezes and doesnt respond regardless of time. CtrAltDel is the only thing a can do and then restart LR again. Thoughts?
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    Hi Been a lonnnng time since I was here last. When did you take control of the forums Victoria? I am running windows 7....! Do I need to go to W10 for LR CC?
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    Bring it on already.....

    Currently, I am reluctant to go mad with editing in the beta, as i wish the final product to be final before i commit. On the flip side i don't want to edit in LR3 cause, well, 3 sucks now :grin: Looks like i am just going to go shoot photos for a month....:razz: Hurry Adobe, I only have...
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    LR exported images

    Seem to be having issues with exported jpegs (low rez) images not being seen on an iPad or other cameras. When i place the SD card into an iPad there are no images to import and any camera i have, there are no images to display?
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    Exif data Interesting no one seems to care. Sent from my A853 using Tapatalk
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    LR corrupting DNG?

    This is a first, for me at least. Went into one of my folders and found a curious ! When i click on it.... Library "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to this photo" Develop "The file appears to be unsupported or damaged" Made a...
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    Develop - Before and After revert settings bug

    Develop module. Make develop changes. Click on 'Cycle beteen before and after view' (Choose any of the 4 options), normal behaviour. Change the option to any other option and the image is reverted to the original unedited RAW file (multiple combinations of initial choice and subsequesnt...
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    Losing 'Right click' mouse function in LR.

    Peculiar. I am losing the ability to use the right click functionality of my mouse within LR. On the rest of my computer i have no such issues. Of note,, it seems to happen after i have had the program open for extended periods.
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    Previews.lrdata folder size as it relates to performance?

    Would like to see what size (Mb/Gb) everyones previews.lrdata folder is and how many images in the catalog? For some reason my previews folder is 2.8gigs, yet only 20,000 images! Is this normal? I am getting serious poor performance issues with 3.4 and preview generation and writting of data...
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    Adjustment Brush not honoring settings.

    Hi Not sure if new to 3.4 or not. If i make one adjstment brush corrections with certain settings.... eg Feather - 62 Flow - 62 Density - 62 and then go and make a new adjstment brush with different settings, eg Feather - 40 Flow - 40 Density - 40 if/when i return to edit the first...
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    Smart Import

    While i enjoy the new import and the fact it screens and grey out previously imported images, it has one limitation. If one has deleted images after import, the nest time the memory card is used and the import process starts, those deleted images re-appear for import. Would be nice to have a...
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    LR plugins disappear from Plugin manager

    Hey I seem to be getting repeated behavior where upon start up of LR, and entering the plugin manager, the non-bundled plugins do not appear. I direct the manager to the folder (which is stored with catalog as per preferences) and individually re-hook them (i real pain). I can not...
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    Lost collections with new catalog

    Created a new catalog (as i have other bugs/issues i am trying iron out) and in doing so lost some collections. Initally, all collections were missing until i saved metadata to xmp on every image and then some collection appeared, but not all. to
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    'EDIT IN' Silver Efex Pro 2 serious bug with corrupting LR hierarchical keywords.

    Seems we have an issue of NIK's doing with the new SEpro2. Workflow Steps. RAW import Develp changes Keyword it Edit in..SE2 save result is the following 1. the image is stacked with the original 2. new keywords are created in my keyword list. Here is an explanation that is...
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    Keyword list bug?

    Anyone seen this? Went to do some keywording today after some time and all this appeared!
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    Develop presets in the develop panel.

    I would like to see the develop presets shifted from the left panel to the right panel in placed within the relevant develop setting. At least for the detail section - where the presets are so specific.
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    BW develop tools to match Silver Effects 2.

    I have upgraded to SE2 and am quite happy. However, i think its about time that this kind of control was included in the develop module of LR for BW conversions in the RAW pipeline.
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    Access denied on backup....

    So, i have being backing up my main drive with my 4 other mirror copies and have run into a problem that my lack of computing can handle. I use beyond compare and have never had an issue with this before. Recently (2 weeks ago) i went to Windows 7 and have loved it so far way better than...
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    LR changing metadata date...

    I seem to have groups of images shot on 2 separate days with the correct metadata dates- 11/27/2010 and 12/4/2010 When i toggle I to bring the information and look closer at the EXIF, the date time original says 12/17/2010? Thus when viewing the grid via 'capture time' the images appear as...
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    Some little bugs in 3.3

    Changing flag from one to another while in Loupe view of library or develop - one has to unclick first selection otherwise both flagged and flagged for removal status stays. Cropping tool - constrain proportions does not hold to previous selection. these are old bugs, why are they back?
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    LR import settings - previous preference not sticky

    I do not change the file name of my files upon import.However, somehow for the last 3 imports of mine, the images file name had changed and i only noticed today. When i open the import dialogue box the file renaming box is checked regardless of my previous imports when i uncheck it. This is...
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    Memory leak with previous adjustment brush history

    I have noticed since 3.2 the memory leaks when using the adjustment brush, but it has been tolerable until the last week or so. I have found a specific behavior in the Develop module that makes LR unusable. Scrolling through images and making minor changes i discovered what appears as a serious...
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    Navigation preview bug

    Not sure why and cant reproduce!
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    Posturization with tone changes

    Is anyone else seeing posturization in the shadow areas with slight tone changes?I ran into something i did not see on 2.7.Slight tone curve or contrast adjustment causing severe posturization.'465338/1/LR?h=e7'3a7