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  1. Russell Banks

    Changing one preset's export folder changes all other presets

    When I change the export folder on one preset, whether or not I update that preset to current settings, the export folder in all other presets changes to that same folder. And although exporting using any preset really does put the file in this "new" location, when I look at the preset...
  2. Russell Banks

    How to clear the Import menu's list of recent sources?

    My list of "Recent Sources" in the Select a Source menu of the Import dialog goes back many years, scrolling clear off the bottom of my 27-inch screen. Is there a way to re-set this list of recent paths and start over? Thanks, Russell
  3. Russell Banks

    Can't get Book module Auto Layout to show title text

    Instead of pulling the text from the Title field, the Book module just says "Photo Text" below every picture. (Using LR 9.3 on Mac.) When I save as PDF, it's just blank where the titles should be. See attached files. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks, Russell
  4. Russell Banks

    Print module Custom package good on screen, rotated on print...

    I’m trying to print a custom package on 11x17 paper. It looks fine on the screen (screenshot attached) and it’s good if I print to a JPG file, but when I print, the cells are rotated the wrong direction, so some of them run off the side of the paper. (photo attached). I’ve tried with the Print...
  5. Russell Banks

    LR not applying nearest ISOs default develop settings

    With my old LR v6, I recall that if you saved ISO-specific develop settings and imported a file that had an ISO close to, but not exactly matching the saved setting, LR would apply settings for the closest saved setting. For example, if you saved settings for ISO 200 and 400, and imported an...
  6. Russell Banks

    Printing same PSD from Lightroom and Photoshop gives different results

    I’m trying to implement Jeff Schewe's process of using Lightroom to print Photoshop PSDs, but the same file printed from the two apps doesn’t look the same. In the attached photo, the left image was printed from Photoshop, and the right from Lightroom. The Lightroom version is slightly darker...
  7. Russell Banks

    Can’t add spaces to print template folder name

    Are spaces not allowed in print template folder names? When I try to name a folder with a space, the OK button dims. When I replace the space with an underline, it will let me create the folder. However, it does let me have spaces in the template names. Is this normal?
  8. Russell Banks

    Lightroom's Edit in... Photoshop command is getting errors

    Just subscribed to the Photography Plan, and from the start, the Lightroom "Edit in..." command stumbles when trying to open an image in Photoshop CC 2019. I’m using an iMac with 24GB memory and the image files are on a USB attached drive. When I hit Command-E, it immediately goes to...
  9. Russell Banks

    Importing from iPhone stopped working

    A few weeks ago (prior to upgrading to Mac OS Sierra), Lightroom lost the ability to import from my iPhone 6. The import menu sees the phone and displays the images, but when you click the Import button the thumbnails go away and it says "Importing photos" on the gray screen, but the progress...