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    Any plugin or approach to dump out collection/image data to excel or access?

    As part of my quest to move from Classic to a mobile workflow I have now decided to draw a line under my large classic catalog and move to a fully mobile workflow. Obviously, I would prefer to change my subscription to the LR plan but this means I will lose access to LR Classic. Not a big deal...
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    Is a full move to the cloud based service really possible?

    Folks, I've been an LR desktop user since it was originally released. I have one very large catalog with over 300,000 images and smaller catalogs that together make up this large catalog. My current workflow is to import onto an Ipad (and this is where most of my editing takes place now too)...
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    Selecting multiple contiguous images in grid view......

    This is driving me crackers and I’m sure you must be able to do this! I just want to be able to select multiple contiguous images with a gesture rather than having to click on each individual image. This is on an iPad Pro with the current mobile version. All help greatly appreciated! Make me...
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    Sort option gone missing!!

    Hi folks, I thought I knew Lightroom quite well but somehow I've managed to "remove" the sort option from the toolbat at the bottom of the screen. I know I can still sort via the drop downs but how do I get it back? All help appreciated!! Cheers, g