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    Help module does not work

    I'm running LR Classic CC 8.1 on Win 10 Home. I have not been able to use the help menu since installing LR Classic CC (subscription). I get an Error box with the message "Cannot display help." Is there a preferences setting I need to tweak to point it at the right place? The tutorials...
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    Laptop Performance Problem

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: CC 2015.13 [ 1141928 ] I have a laptop with 16GB of memory - you can see the detail at the bottom. LR runs ok until it consumes about 2GB of memory... then it crawls, blinking at me while it...
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    Can I install LR Classic CC and keep my current LR6 CC?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] I'd like to evaluate/test LR Classic CC on a small catalog before doing a full conversion. Is it possible to run both versions on my laptop? It doesn't have to be...
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    How to shut off keyboard shortcuts / turn them back on?

    There are times when I don't want keyboard shortcuts to be active, usually when I'm captioning/keywording/titleing a large number of photos. I always seem to get into a mode where I've missed the input box (i.e. caption box) and typed in a bunch of characters that LR interprets as keyboard...
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    Creating a collection by month, day but not year

    I want to create a collection by metadata date (month and date only, not year) that spans years. For example I want all photos taken on April 23 for the last 5 years. Why do you ask? I want to look at my bird photos in that way to assess migration patterns. Is there an easy way to do this...
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    Incremental export of master catalog with smart previews?

    I have a master catalog on my desktop containing over 150,000 images. I want to periodically export the catalog to my laptop while working in the field. I've already done one pass of catalog export with smart previews that took about a day to generate. Is there a way to incrementally...