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    Lightroom upgrade options from LR 5.7

    Hi everyone, tried calling Adobe yesterday to discuss options with upgrade but was told different things and was not easy get a straight answer on best solution for upgrading, and am still getting my head round Adobes new offerings. Im currently using an old CS5.5 standalone version with LR5.7...
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    slow to the party

    Hi, I've been a Lightroom user since the beginning and developed my workflow over releases 1 - 5, buying or downloading perpetual licenses and with a disk copy of Adobe CS5.5 for integration with photoshop etc. Over the last few years i kind of stopped my learning curve, and got on with what i...
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    Syncing collections

    Hi... I have Lightroom in use on desktop and laptop, both with similar versions of the same catalogue of images - the catalogues are not identical though. Generally i export and import images as catalogues between the 2 libraries. I would like some help with syncing collections. If i have a...
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    Catalogue size and managing work flow between desktop and laptop

    I have been using Lightroom since version 1 and have a main catalogue of around 12000 images which over the last year has started to operate more slowly. Recently I have been thinking about a few issues and changes to my workflow 1)Generally catalogue is ok - but files can take upto 10 seconds...
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    This is confusing me.... i usually work with Raw files but recently i exported some jpegs from Lightroom to Photoshop as Tiff Files to further edit in photoshop. For some reason when i save these tiffs and reimport back to Lightroom they appear as Tiff + Jpeg files in the info area... Not sure...
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    Re: Text overlay issues.

    Text overlay issues. Using the slideshow facility in Lightroom is a great way for me to present work , and organise my workflow. However i find the text overlay options very limited and clumsy to work with.... i am probably mistaken here, but find it very difficult to add custom text to one...