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    Sync Bug 5yrs on

    yep latest LR. i am sure of it. i have posted about this on the old LR forums b4 you took over 100%
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    Sync Bug 5yrs on

    Hi I've been with LR since beta, and have had a hiatus away from editing for almost 5yrs. Previously (years ago), i have reported a bug that continually bugged the sh*$ out of me, and today to my amazement it still exists. unless, which is quite possible i missing something. After editing an...
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    Preferences bug

    Hi I have recently upgraded/updated LR to a new desktop. Every time i go to Edit->Preferences, LR freezes and doesnt respond regardless of time. CtrAltDel is the only thing a can do and then restart LR again. Thoughts?
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    Lightroom chaos

    all good sorted, its been a while since using LR so forgot how to find missing folders.
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    Lightroom chaos

    ken i have just purchased a new desktop with 3 drives. C. drive D. drive E. drive previously, i had been working in LR with an external drive and LR would always point to my images in Drive F. I have copied all my images onto my internal D as its an Nvme . drive and was about to re-assign...
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    Hi Been a lonnnng time since I was here last. When did you take control of the forums Victoria? I am running windows 7....! Do I need to go to W10 for LR CC?
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    LR4 won't import files from Canon 5D mk III.

    Well gee, lets see $10,000 already invested in a system since 2004 and yet, although DNG has been around since Thomas Knoll invented it, it still has not been approved as a standard. For that matter, was only lodged for approval 18 months ago. Would love to have a spare $15k to start using...
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    LR4 won't import files from Canon 5D mk III.

    OR...maybe the argument you should all be having is with the camera manufacturers and there persistance with proprietary RAW file formats. The moment i click the shutter, the image now belongs to me. What business does the camera makers have by forcing me to use there RAW software if i dont...
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    Anybody else confirmed this issue with LR 4 install over existing LR3?

    So, a bit of news it seems. It appears the tone curve isn't lost but misplaced. In otherwords, some time in the future there will be dot release that will contain a script to restore the tone curve.
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    Anybody else confirmed this issue with LR 4 install over existing LR3?

    Thanks for the info, great work....but I have been with this program since Beta Beta and still, nothins changed. Every release is fraught with bugs and then this...really. @Mark I thought this is what alpha and beta testing is for! I dont have time to be @%#^ing with registries and tricking...
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    Anybody else confirmed this issue with LR 4 install over existing LR3?

    Unbelievable. Iv'e just read this and associated forums highlighting this issue. Got home and BANG, my 25,000 image catalogue has lost all tone curve adjstments. Politely....WTF! Note also - although tone adjstments are logged iin the history, clickiing them makes the image change...
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    Bring it on already.....

    Currently, I am reluctant to go mad with editing in the beta, as i wish the final product to be final before i commit. On the flip side i don't want to edit in LR3 cause, well, 3 sucks now :grin: Looks like i am just going to go shoot photos for a month....:razz: Hurry Adobe, I only have...
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    soft proofing and printing

    for an interesting discussion on SP in LR4....
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    Be aware of what Lightroom backs up

    the old fashioned way... have 1 cloud and 4 external drive (Cheap now days) mirror copies of your entire folder structure and backed up lrcat. back up after import and working on images and NEVER delete/format sd/cf cards.
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    LR exported images

    Precisely. When the wife and I leave, moma is only going to have the ipad. I am quite suprised as to how impossible (without a computer - which i thought was Apples point?) it is to import and organise images in the iPad. I thought htis thing was 'new sliced bread'.
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    LR exported images

    I don't have itunes (actually, ,i don't own an apple product:grin:). Mother in laws iPad and her computer isn't with us at this time. I did mimick the folder structure. Initially i thought it was an iPad thing but the images are not seen on 3 other cameras of mine either.
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    LR exported images

    Seem to be having issues with exported jpegs (low rez) images not being seen on an iPad or other cameras. When i place the SD card into an iPad there are no images to import and any camera i have, there are no images to display?
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    Exif data

    I think it's less about the specifics and more to do with the prinicipal of privacy. More and more each day access to our information is becoming more transparant and companies are now taking that for granted, whereby they are willing to expose everything INITIALLY, and if you don't like you...
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    Exif data Interesting no one seems to care. Sent from my A853 using Tapatalk
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    LR corrupting DNG?

    This is a first, for me at least. Went into one of my folders and found a curious ! When i click on it.... Library "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to this photo" Develop "The file appears to be unsupported or damaged" Made a...
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    Develop - Before and After revert settings bug

    Doesn't matter which one I select first. Any of my first selections will produce the desired result (image 1). However, if i choose to cycle thru to a different selection, "revert image occurs" (image 2)
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    Develop - Before and After revert settings bug

    Develop module. Make develop changes. Click on 'Cycle beteen before and after view' (Choose any of the 4 options), normal behaviour. Change the option to any other option and the image is reverted to the original unedited RAW file (multiple combinations of initial choice and subsequesnt...
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    ACDSEE Pro4

    Different files types for "Edits"?? So, why not just use PS.
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    lightroom 3.4 Previews not up to date If you go to the history and click on the last step the preview corrects.
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    Changed behavior in Lightroom - Photoshop - Lightroom workflow

    I am an idiot and it was late! Let me clarify Edit in with LR adjstments honors the adjstement as said behavior (no issues) Edit in original brings the file back from PS and the LR edits are not reapplying. They are present in the history and when one clicks on the last history step, the...