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    Catalog import gone wrong

    I've tried to import a catalog from my laptop into my master LR catalog on my desktop, but it hasn't gone according to plan. The laptop catalog has imported in to the master catalog fine, but all the photos were on a portable drive, and the catalog on my desktop is still linked to this drive. I...
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    Photos linked to wrong hard drive

    I've been trying to sort out the missing photos in my LR6 catalog, and I've discovered that in some cases I've linked the photos to my backup hard drive. In other words the pathway and name is exactly as the main drive, except that the location is the backup drive. Is there an easy way to link...
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    Problem moving photos from one hard drive to another

    Operating System: Mac OS 10.13 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6.7 I've shifted my photos from a failing hard drive to a new hard drive. When I try to update the folder location as per this post How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it...
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    Lightroom import options not available

    Hi all, I've upgraded to version 3, and just discovered that when I import, rather than importing files in their current location (as I used to in LR2), LR is copying them into a LR folder. So I looked at the options to change this, and it's supposed to come under File handling on the import...
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    Changing the location of my media

    Hi there, I want to migrate my photo collection to a larger hard drive. I've copied the existing hard drive onto the new hard drive, now I want to unmount the old hard drive and select the new hard drive as the source for lightroom. However, my first stab at this led to most of my photos being...
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    NAS storage for LR media

    Hello good folks, I'm currently running a fairly old Mac, and looking to get a new iMac. However, if I did this I'd have to store my LR files (ie all my RAW images) externally on a NAS drive, rather than as I do currently on a second hard drive inside my computer. Can anyone tell me if this is...