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  1. Suzanne015

    LR CC in Windows, sharing with Mac

    I'm just on the edge of purchasing a powerful Windows 10 computer. BUT....I currently do most of my work on an iMac...the LR is downloaded onto this, but all the photos it accesses are saved on an external hard drive. Occasionally, when I travel, I take my laptop with and use the same EHD. My...
  2. Suzanne015

    Moving Photos from iPhoto 8.1.2 into LR CC

    I am doing this backwards, I will post info after these questions as this is really tricky iPhoto stuff, and you need to understand the older version of iPhoto- 8.1.2. I have found a way to import iPhoto 8.1.2 into LR CC keeping edits and "Event structure" of iPhoto if this helps anyone. I have...
  3. Suzanne015

    New installation/ change main computer later

    Hello. New on LR. Just had 7 days free trial of LRCC photography plan and looking to buy CC version. I have two macs - a laptop and iMac. Big problems migrating from iPhoto 8.2.4 so initially want to use on laptop (where have El Capitan) to test procedure for my iMac (which stores my main...
  4. Suzanne015

    iPhotos/ Photos and Mac OSX upgrade issues

    Hello I am a LR virgin - so new, I havn't even downloaded it yet. I have got myself in a BIG pickle, and have to do loads of work on everything over the next few weeks. I am a beginner and struggling with everything I wish to do, I have left it so I have to do everything now all in one go...