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  1. Martin Owen

    Copyright info from camera is appearing differently from camera settings.

    This is a strange question. I thought originally that I had a camera problem. I use a Canon EOS 5D IV. I have copyright info set up in the camera, so that my copyright and the year is included in the metadata. Recently I noticed in Lightroom (both Classic on my iMac and mobile on my iPad and...
  2. Martin Owen

    SmugMug Source

    I use Smugmug as a sort of portfolio; to feed photos to both my own photo website, and also to another website I have. I use Backblaze to back up my whole home Mac and drives (including photos and my LR Classic catalogue). I also use the Adobe Cloud and Apple’s Time Machine. I see SmugMug have...
  3. Martin Owen

    Error P81. Cannot load Creative Cloud!

    I‘ve just spent a good part of the day on the phone with some helpful folks at Adobe support. They haven’t so far been able to solve my problem, so I’ve been ‘escalated’ and can expect a call back in 24-48 hours. My problem is that firstly my Creative Cloud app disappeared from my iMac. I...
  4. Martin Owen

    Can’t load update, Creative Cloud app vanished. Any ideas before I call Adobe Help?

    I saw that there was a new update to Lightroom Classic today today and went to the iMac to install. However my Creative Cloud app has vanished! Tried to open it from the Launchpad, but it wouldn’t. Hmmm...... Opened and tried to download the creative cloud app from there. When it...
  5. Martin Owen

    LR storing photos in different places

    I run an iMac and connect a number of external hard drives (one for time machine, one for scanned images direct from the scanner, one for photos and my LR Classic catalog). I don’t keep anything, certainly not photos, on the iMac’s hard drive. Any images that I import directly onto the iMac...
  6. Martin Owen

    Photoshop iOS tutorial

    It’s been a long time since I used Photoshop, despite having the desktop version on my iMac as part of my Adobe Photography bundle. With the release of the iOS version I’dl like to get back into PS along side LR on the iPad Pro. Can anyone recommend any sort of tutorial - similar to Victoria’s...
  7. Martin Owen

    Suddenly confused by pricing plans

    I was just looking at my cloud storage on the mobile app and noticed that I’m at 844.28GB of my 1TB allowance. I thought I’d check to see what a bigger allowance would cost. Logging into my account I see that for the $9.99 a month I pay, I should have only 20GB - funny, as I’ve always had 1TB...
  8. Martin Owen

    Thinking about a new scanner

    For years Ive had a Canon Canoscan 8000F connected to my iMac (Mid 2011) for scanning old prints, slides (35mm and medium format) and film. Canon didn’t upgrade the drivers some time ago, but I struggled on using old drivers and tried VueScan. Anyway, I’ve replaced the iMac with a new one and...
  9. Martin Owen

    Do sync errors matter?

    I’m using Classic on my Mid 2011 iMac, with the catalog on separate hard drive. (Just for info I back up to both TimeMachine on another external drive and BackBlaze). I use CC Mobile on my iPad Pro, and also on my iPhone. Workflow usually is that photos are taken either on my iPhone (either...
  10. Martin Owen

    Reducing local storage on iPad and iPhone

    When I’m traveling, I use an iPad and iPhone to download images from my DSLR. I then use adobe cloud to upload and sync with my CC and Classic programs on my home iMac. As I do post adjustments on the iPad, even though I upload to cloud and clear the cache, the local storage increases and...
  11. Martin Owen

    Finding unsynced photos

    Within my catalog I have 45366 photos and 43058 synced photos. Other than going through the whole catalog looking for photos without the lull double arrow sign, is there a way to find all the unsynced photos?