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  1. Bob_B

    Print module: One page, one image, multiple copies with different develop settings?

    Hi all, I just wanted to run this past you all for thoughts and suggestions. I want to print a contact sheet with six copies of the same image, each with distinct develop module settings. My thought is to make six virtual copies of the original image, develop each copy separately...
  2. Bob_B

    Photoshop color themes panel removal July 14th

    See: Just an FYI for those, like me, who use the PS color themes panel. If you know of another PS panel that does the same thing, would you kindly post? Best, Bob
  3. Bob_B

    Import rename problem?

    I routinely import with a renaming that includes my initials, the date, and a file number. I've used this for years with an earlier version of LR, however, this scheme is giving me troubles now that I've upgraded to LR classic (latest update). The basic problem: the renaming is out of order...
  4. Bob_B

    Method to open each photo with lens corrections?

    I recently upgraded to LRClassic after years working with V5.7. On my old setup, I had LR configured such that when I opened a photo in the Develop module Lens Corrections would be immediately applied. Chalk this up to my old age, but I don't remember how to configure LR to do this each time...
  5. Bob_B

    Q: Moving LR - Lightroom CC catalog location

    So, I built a new Win10 computer over the weekend, and I have installed, but not started Lightroom CC. I read the 'how to' by Victoria (How do I move Lightroom to a new computer? | The Lightroom Queen), and have copied the old LR 5.7 files so that I may paste them into the appropriate folders in...
  6. Bob_B

    New computer -- How to install new LR/PS & move old LR/PS catalog/settings to the latest versions?

    Hi, I am in the process of building a new computer that should be up and running in a couple of weeks. Once the build is complete, Win 10is installed, and everything is stable, I plan to install new versions of LR and PS via Adobe's Photography subscription. (I'm currently using LR 5.7 and...
  7. Bob_B

    Upgrading hardware: Two BENQ SW monitors?

    I'm in the process of upgrading my photography workstation with a new computer plus all new hardware and software. My current setup used two monitors (1920x1080) running off of the MB's built-in graphics. I really like working with two monitors when editing in LR and PS. I am strongly leaning...
  8. Bob_B

    Starting Library view with only flagged photos?

    Although I've used LR for years, I have never figured out how to configure the program so that I see only my flagged photos in the Library module. Is there a way to do this? Right now, I simply enter Library, click on the "flagged" item in the drop-down menu, and I see those images that are...
  9. Bob_B

    Book module: Publishing to Blurb... layflat conversion?

    Operating System:Win7-64 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 I recognize that the Book Module in LR5.7 does not offer to print a lay-flat book using Blurb. My question is there a way after uploading to Blurb to convert your book to a lay flat format without having to...
  10. Bob_B

    Making global change to title in metadata?

    Operating System:Win7-64 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 I've added titles in the metadata to over 200 photos that are part of a book I am working on. I need to make a spelling change to approx. 20% of these titles. Is there a way to search and change globally, without...
  11. Bob_B

    My CS6 registration number no longer valid?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.7 I recently recognized that my copy of photoshop cs6 is not the latest version (of the CS6 lineage). I discovered this when wondering why its patch tool did not work on a new layer, even though I had clicked on the all...
  12. Bob_B

    Photoshop CS6 Step and Repeat not working

    I understand that photoshop's step and repeat involves selecting an object, using ctrl-alt-T (windows) to transform the object, followed by shift-ctrl-alt-T to repeat the transformation. At least, that's what I've read in numerous forums and seen on youtube tutorials, yet on my version the...
  13. Bob_B

    Removing deleted images from a smart collection?

    When I first started using LR, I made a series of smart collections to make my workflow a bit more manageable. One of these I call "Rejected Images", which (as you may guess) contains all the rejects from past work contained within my catalog. This collection contains nearly 600 images due to my...
  14. Bob_B

    Not seeing camera raw 'editor' when importing to PS CS6

    I made some changes to photoshop CS6's preferences a few days ago that I unfortunately did not note down in case of troubles. My bad. Now, when editing a raw file from LR, I no longer am presented with the camera raw editor in CS6 prior to starting my edits. I'd like to get that back, but don't...
  15. Bob_B

    Monitor lut doesn't always load (Win7)

    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? I use x-rite's i1Display and Profiler to calibrate my monitors. It works great, and I love it. However, I find that Windows 7 (64bit) occasionally (maybe 20% of the time) does not load one of the luts on startup. I solve this inconvenience by...
  16. Bob_B

    Full screen view in Library with rating?

    My workflow involves an initial pass through newly acquired photos in the full screen view in the Library module. In this run, I delete unwanted photos and occasionally add a star to standouts. I usually let a day or two go by and then repeat the process with one or two stars for those that...
  17. Bob_B

    Using two calibrated monitors on LR 5.7 under Win7-64?

    I bought an X-Rite i1 Display Pro to calibrate the two monitors that I use with LR v5.7. My monitors are a few years old: 23" Viewsonic LED as my main monitor for editing and an older HP CFT 22" monitor for surveys etc. I don't have any issues with the 'how to' part of calibration, but I ran...
  18. Bob_B

    LR v5 printing and Canon XPS drivers in Win7?

    Just a quick question to clear up confusion from what I've read on other internet sites. Is it true that LR cannot take advantage of the 16 bit printing from the Canon XPS printer driver, unless one uses Canon's print studio plug-in to produce the print? (I know this must have been asked a...
  19. Bob_B

    Duplicating adjustment brush?

    I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, as I thought this should be very simple. I want to duplicate an adjustment brush, using LR 5 in Windows. My understanding is to hold Ctrl-Alt and left click drag the existing pin to a new location. When I do this nothing happens; the original pin stays in...
  20. Bob_B

    Metafile needs updating: Action item or just information?

    I've pretty much ignored the "metafile needs updating" (downwards arrow, upper right of thumbnail) in the library module, as it never seems to matter. As I'm snow-bound at the moment, I've been straightening up things in LR, and thought I might as well ask if this is something I should be acting...
  21. Bob_B

    Can virtual copies be given a new name?

    I often make virtual copies of photos to explore alternative ways to process them. In making a virtual copy, the new file retains the original's name, and any change in the name of the virtual copy affects the original. Is there a way to make a copy and give it a different name?
  22. Bob_B

    Stacked photos: Any way to unfold stack on mouse hover?

    I recently discovered image stacking in the library module and find it invaluable, especially for hdr and panoramas. It also helps save real estate when in grid view. That said, as I have LR 5 configured, I have to click the lefthand side of the top image in the stack to unfold all its images. I...
  23. Bob_B

    Advice & recommendations wanted: Slide copier

    One of my long-term projects is to convert the hundreds (upwards of 700-800 as an estimate) of 35mm slides I've made over the decades into digital files. As I approach this task, I have been looking at slide copiers, but haven't seen a detailed review or online advice on features vs. price. I...
  24. Bob_B

    B/W conversion and retain original color image in catalog?

    I've never been entirely sure about virtual copy, so please bear with this question. I have a color image that I like, but I want to see how it looks as a b/w. I don't want to change anything on the color image. Is virtual copy the correct way to make a copy of the color image for subsequent b/w...
  25. Bob_B

    Fine adjustments on exposure slider?

    Is there a way to get finer adjustment when dragging the exposure slider in LR 5.7? Seems that whenever I drag the slider, it jumps by 0.1 stop increments. There are times I'd like finer granularity, even 0.01 stops. This is directed simply at dragging the slider; I know I could always input the...