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    Lightroom just synced backwards!

    I have a around 500 shots from a high school football game (parent requested) that I edited on my iPad Pro, both develop settings and flags. I started to go through the photos with the parent and noticed that Lightroom Classic had synced the flags but not the adjustments. There was one bad...
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    Lightroom shows missing photos and previews

    Missing photographs Over a thousand photos (mostly from my iPhone and iPad) show up as missing in my Lightroom Classic desktop catalog. I can find the photos on my iPhone, iPad and on the web but not on my desktop. I have searched my photos folder, my mobile downloads folder, my downloaded smart...
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    Library module Each new collection adds sequence number to file name

    Since the most recent update, everytime I put a file into a new collection Lightroom adds a sequence number to the file name. After I import from a memory card I put all the new photos into a collection then edit out and remove the shots I don't want. I then make several collections from the...