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  1. tonto

    Merging keywords with images

    I have a folder of over 10,000 images which I discovered I could not open – the preview images have the little exclamation point symbol in the upper right indicating the images can’t be found. I searched my hard drive for their location, but could not find them. I then did a global import of...
  2. tonto

    Upon opening catalog obtained from different folder than to which it is saved

    I am in the process of migrating software and files to a new computer and have found a curious problem with respect to Lightroom that has caused me much aggravation until I figured out what is happening. When Lightroom opens it gets the catalog from C:>Lighroom. When I close Lightroom the...
  3. tonto

    Lost keywords via sync metadata error

    I apparently lost the keywords on about 10,000 images though erroneously hitting the sync metadata button. I am trying to figure out how to get those keywords back as I use keywords as my basic file maintenance system. I have a backup of all my image files made about t month ago. 1) Could I just...
  4. tonto

    Drive designation changed and now can't access images

    I keep my images on an external drive which has been identified as "D" in the Lightroom catalog in the past. I now find that my computer recognizes that drive as "E", and I cannot access my files because Lightroom thinks they are in "D". What do I do?
  5. tonto

    Lightroom sends to wrong version of Photoshop

    I upgraded to LR4.3, but now LR does not recognize my version of Photoshop. When I click Ctl-E, or otherwise go to the External Editor, the External Editor tries to open in Photoshop CS4, but can't, because I don't have PS CS4. I am running PS CS6. I can't figure out how to change it. Note that...
  6. tonto

    Identifying image files not in Lightroom

    I did a search of my computer and found I had 1',675 files in Lightroom, but found 14,124 in Bridge, a difference of 3,449 images, although, I don't know which ones they are. Is there any easy way to identify which of my image files I have not yet imported to Lightroom? Thanx.
  7. tonto

    Importing Bridge keywords into Lightroom???

    I would like to make more use of Lightroom, but I have a long history of using Bridge and all my image files have Bridge keywords. Is there any way one can convert Bridge keywords into a Lightroom format?