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  1. markstothard

    Deleting 1 to 1 Preview and Smart Previews

    Deleting 1 to 1 Preview and Smart Previews. In my case, these are taking up 650 GB + 391 GB of storage Within catalog settings, I have set automatically disregard 1 to 1 previews after 1 day. I've selected all images, and then Library, Preview, Discard....... The message discard all 590480...
  2. markstothard

    Whats the difference, Edits / Adjustments

    Can anyone explain, what the difference between the terms? Edits / Adjustments I see these in smart collections. Thank you
  3. markstothard

    Importing / Sync Camera Profiles to Lightroom 4.2 and iOS Devices

    While historically I'm mainly a Classic user, where I use camera-specific profiles. I'm expanding my workflow to edit in Lightroom. My question relates to camera profiles in Lightroom 4.2 and iOS devices. If I import Camera Profiles into the desktop client, Lightroom 4.2, will these sync to...
  4. markstothard

    CF Express - No Eject Card

    Unless I'm having a funny 5 minutes, which is more regular as I get older :) LRC 10.2, import module, when importing from CF express card (SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB CF Express Card Type B), I don't have the eject card check box. When using an SD card I do have the check eject box. I'm using a...
  5. markstothard

    Collections with Watermark Logo

    Is there another way, better, than I have shown in this video to add a watermark to an image in a collection, similar to the export function under "publish services"? So that the resulting collection images have a watermark? Thanks
  6. markstothard

    Single or Multiple Lightroom Catalogs

    I'm looking for Community Members feedback; Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is no longer that slow clunky piece of software, been using LR from v2 and as computers and internet connections get faster and faster, I'm considering changing my LR workflow. Currently operating THREE Catalogs, syncing via...
  7. markstothard

    New Colour Labels???

    I've just discovered, perhaps NEW; An additional two colours in colour labels - within Library, Grid view, Attribute. No keyboard shortcut for white and grey?? However, they don't show up in - Library, Single image view, below the image nor do they show up in the menus Metadata colour label...
  8. markstothard

    Lightroom Integration with InDesign

    Within InDesign, linked images, can a user link an image with a cloud Lightroom collection? So if the image is processed further in Lightroom the updated image will be shown within InDesign?
  9. markstothard

    Sharing Lightroom Collections

    Just wondering, if not available feature request. Can we share publish collections between lightroom classic users, so the collection appears in the invited user's Lightroom collection UI, instead of a web gallery? Thanks
  10. markstothard

    Lightroom Edit in Photoshop warning message since update

    Since update of Lightroom to CC2015.10 and Camera Raw to 9.10 (within Photoshop CC2017.1), I am getting a warning message when using Ctrl+E to Edit in Photoshop. The message states that camera raw 9.10 may be required, even though CC desktop app confirms camera raw is up to date and Photoshop...
  11. markstothard

    Removing photos from mobile devices

    After syncing photos from mobile devices to desktop, am I correct in saying, Once I have moved the images on my desktop from the non sync folder to another drive or folder. I can delete the images from within Lightroom mobile, still keeping the moved images and collections images? Sent...
  12. markstothard

    RPG KEYS, Keyboard

    For sale, unused RPG keys keyboard, for Lightroom etc. £10 + shipping world wide. Payment via PayPal More (closed to new customers) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. markstothard

    Export Post Process Action

    Lightroom CC. When I export an image, I would like after the export has happen to automatically put the image in a collection. Therefore creating an automatic workflow for this action. I have look at Post Process, no joy :-( well for me. Is this possible? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. markstothard

    NEF to DNG

    One thing has been dugging me, should I convert my 100,000+ files from NEF's to DNG. I understand the process, but should I make the jump? Would love anyone’s real life experiences and comments ! Many thanks Mark LR5.7 user
  15. markstothard

    iPad + iPhone with Lightroom Mobile - Sync Status

    My iPad / iPhone, both are running Lightroom Mobile (app displayed on sreen), however due to the way I have set up the devices, screen goes blank to save battery after a few minutes and you need to type in a pin to access the device again (auto lock). If the app has NOT finished Syncing when...
  16. markstothard

    Lightroom Mobile / Adobe Cloud Storage - 121GB for FREE

    I wanted to give something back to the as the majority of my interaction has been taking from the community. I’m an FULL Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, so I’m not sure if this applies to Adobe CC for Photographers. I’m using Lightroom Mobile more and more...
  17. markstothard

    Sharing Images

    I love the new features in Lightroom 5.7, sharing images with people etc. I was wondering can this be done? The client has approved/commented on the finial image and I want to deliver the image via Lightroom, right click save image? I can't get this to work or perhaps its not offered...
  18. markstothard

    Lightroom edit in PS CC - CMD +E Issue

    MAC OS X - 10.9.3 Lightroom - 5.4 Photoshop - 14.2.1 CMD + E issue, Both Lightoom and Photoshop is running. CMD + E to edit image in Photoshop, Photoshop opens, but image does not load, nor do I get the Lightroom messages with edits or original. ALT CMD E works, current setting...
  19. markstothard

    Nikon Image Space - Plug in

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search online and at Lightroom Forum. I know I can just export images and upload images, but I was just wonder if anyone knows of a Lightroom Plug in for Nikon's Image Space? Just somewhere, where I keep and share our...