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    Exporting opens duplicate copy of target folder in Windows

    When I export an image to a particular folder, if that folder is already open in Windows (listed on the taskbar) the export process opens a new copy of the same folder. To be clear, there aren't now new copies of the folder. Instead, the same folder is opened a second time, so that on the...
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    Photos previously posted to Flickr are being marked "Modified"

    I recently upgraded to LR 10.1 . I have a Published Collection under Publish Services/Flickr of the images I've posted to Flickr. Ever since the update, more and more of these are being put in a category or tab "Modified photos to re-published". I don't believe I have done anything to modify...
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    Can't delete "Deleted photos to remove" from a collection

    I have a collection "in waiting" that I dip into from time to time as my post-processing skills improve. So a number of photos have been in there for months or years. It contains a section (I assume established by LR) entitled "Deleted photos to remove", but right-clicking on them (I'm in...
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    Keeping external editors open?

    I've been sharpening photos with Topaz Sharpen AI, using "Edit in" within LR. When the image is finished, the program closes and returns me to LR. I have a vague memory that in the past the program stayed open so I could compare Before and After--although that could be only the case for images...
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    Suddenly LR thinks I'm a new user

    I've been using LR 9.2.1 for several weeks without issues. Suddenly, when I opened it today, it seemed to think I'd chosen a very old catalog, and that this needed to be updated to the current format. So I picked the proper catalog. One thing I did wrong at this stage was that the EHD with the...
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    Weird B&W conversion issue

    I tried to convert an image in the Develop module to B&W, and a color adjustment came through in the final image. Here are the steps, with screenshots below: 1. Edit the photo extensively. A B&W conversion of this was B&W. 2. Make a virtual copy (the issue described below also arose on the...
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    Comparing B&W w color--bottleneck--avoidable?

    I've been using LR Classic 8.3 to develop B&W images from their color counterparts. I often make many changes to emphasize the depth of the image (e.g. fiddling with dehaze) and after awhile it takes many seconds to redraw the image. The problem arises when I want to go back and forth between...
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    Icons in the filmstrip

    I routinely apply a custom preset to my images on import. As a result, the thumbnails in the filmstrip show an icon indicating that the image has been edited. That's logical for sure. But it would be useful to have a separate icon indicating whether or not I have applied additional editing...
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    Delay in posting to Flickr

    I post photos to Flickr using LR. I've done so for many years, and most likely I set up the connection to Flickr using the instructions in whatever was the latest version of Victoria's book at the time. It seems that posting is taking a lot longer lately, and that some invisible process is...
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    "Deleted photos to remove"

    I have a collection from which I publish photos to Flickr. Unexpectedly, two photos (which have been in the collection for years and were published long ago) have suddenly shown up in a separate section "Deleted photos to remove". I think these two were the first ones in the collection. I'm...
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    Slideshow limitations?

    I have a set of photos that are basically the same shot at different times and seasons. I have figured out with Photoshop how to align these to deal with slight offests. I'd like to make a Slideshow that runs continuously. In my modest test of two shots, the first one shows, blends into the...
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    Camera pointing into sun?

    Is it a bad idea to inadvertantly point the camera into the sun when you're not in the process of taking a photo? I'm old enough to recall my disappointment when Alan Bean (RIP) did this at the start of the Apollo 12 moonwalk and trashed the video camera. My concern is that suddenly swinging the...
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    Auto-align in LR?

    I'm pretty sure the answer is No, but is there a way to auto-align several images in LR? This feature is present in Photoshop; it seems like it would be feasible to select several images and auto-align them. Perhaps there could also be an auto-crop option, or (ideally) a boundary-warp feature...
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    Unwanted CC warning in Classic

    I'm suddenly getting a recurring message in LR Classic 7.2 that I can't sync to CC until I do something. Since I'm completely not interested in CC, this is a minor annoyance since it pops up every 15 minutes or so. Any solutions?
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    Getting rid of contrails

    Operating System:Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Classic 7.2 / Photoshop CC I have a photo with a broad airplane contrail across a critical part of the image. It's broad because it was old and had spread out. It is in a part of the sky in which the color gradient...
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    Boundary warp on a single photo

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC2015.13 One of the main reasons I went to the subscription was to gain access to the boundary warp feature, quite useful for panos. But there are occasions when this same capability would be useful for a single...
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    Custom sort order in a collection

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC2015.13 I post photos to Flickr, and the date and time they are published are recorded in the History panel in Develop. I put all the photos I post into a collection, and I would like to sort them based on the date...
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    "Can't update this collection"

    I'm exporting photos to Flickr, and rather suddenly I'm often getting the message from Lightroom "Can't update this collection". The photo then appears in Flickr, but it's still in the "New Photos to Publish" in Lightroom. This is a problem because if I later modify the photo and repost to...
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    Problem republishing to Flickr

    Perhaps a year ago I published a set of photos from LR to Flickr. These were in a collection in LR and they wound up in an album of the same name in Flickr. This was long enough ago that I don't recall if I had to do anything in Flickr to synchronize the folder names. Now I would like to publish...
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    How to cancel an inadvertent "Publish" click?

    Hello, I wanted to send a couple of pictures to Flickr, but I clicked on "Publish" when the wrong collection was highlighted. I couldn't see any way to cancel it, so all the photos were uploaded. I can of course delete them from Flickr (which I did) but it would be simpler and faster just to...
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    Behind the curve--for how long?

    I'm using LR 5.7 (not CC version). When 6.0 came out, the horror stories about difficulties in installing etc. led me to wait until the dust settled. I can of course keep waiting, but some of the new features (e.g. panorama and HDR) are intriguing. I see 6.1 and 6.2 are out; as I vaguely recall...
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    Plug-in to make wider sliders?

    It's a small but persistent annoyance that the sliders on the sides of the Workspace are so narrow. It's easy to click outside them and make the panels disappear, or just not land on the slider. Are there plug-ins that allow one to adjust features of Workspace like this, or change the colors...
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    Deleting "search result" icon from Map

    I did a search for a particular location, and the Map module obligingly put an icon (bottom one on the icon panel) at that location. I can't figure out how to remove it, since it's not exactly where I want it to be. It may be something simple but it's well-hidden! Thanks John
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    Virtual copies--settings changed?

    Hello, I've been experimenting with PV2012 on virtual copies. At first, when I made them the copies were named "Copy 1" etc. But suddenly they are named "Adobe RGB". Presumably I've toggled some switch, but I can't figure out where. Any suggestions? Thanks John
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    Do adjustments made in LR3 need further fiddling in LR5?

    I'm still using LR3.6, and am considering upgrading to LR 5. I have many photos that I've changed in the Develop module, and wonder whether these adjustments will need further adjustment in LR 5. If it's possible to avoid this, is it on a photo-by-photo basis, or do I have to set the program to...