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    kindle app for mac

    I cannot download the Mac app SendtoKindleforMac. I am now running Catalina but I had the same problem with Mojave. Is there a solution? Thanks.
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    My photos are missing

    In doing tech support with Apple re a possible corrupt user, I disconnected my external hard drive with my photos. Now in the old user and the new test user, my photos aren't in LR Classic. If I open the external hard drive, they are there. When I open LR it asks me to start import which I don't...
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    Finding bookmarks in Lightroom Queen website my

    I just bookmarked several comments about how to make a monitor purchase decision. How do I find those bookmarks in my account?
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    How to reduce image in frame so I can crop and retain most of the image.

    How do I make the image in the frame smaller so I can crop a 3x2 to a square format and retain most of the image. Can I make the image smaller so most of it isn't lost? Thank you.
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    store other data on external drive with photos

    I have an external 6 TB drive that I store my photos on. Since my Time Capsule is full, I need more storage for a complete back up of my computer using Time Machine. Is it a bad idea to use the same hard drive as the one where my photos are stored? My instinct tells me not to use it but my...
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    Retrieve print settings

    Hello: Is it possible to go back to see the Print settings such as Sharpening setting or paper profile selected? Are they available somewhere if I have saved the print? Or do I have to keep them in a notebook or on the back of the work print? Thanks, Roberta Margolis
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    Printing full bleed for photo to be sent digitally

    I am submitting digital images for a photo to possibly be included in a show. The final piece is small photos mounted on a black board that is 10" high x 15" wide. They will look best if the entire digital image background is black and has no white margins. I can do full bleed because the edges...
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    print black background on photo

    I'd like to print a black background with my photos instead of printing on black paper. Is that a good idea and is it possible? Thanks, Roberta
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    Which LR should I be using? Why can't I rename my photos even tho they are in LR catalog? Need to update Catalog?

    I admit that I haven't been working with Lightroom for a few months and have lost track of which version matches what I had been using. Formerly I used Lightroom in CC (for which I pay a monthly fee) , the older more traditional version, not the online version. I use it only from my computer and...
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    Sync LR Mobile on IPhone with LR Classic CC on Mac

    I would like to find the instructions for setting up syncing LR Classic CC on my Mac with LR Mobile. I want to transfer .dng images I shoot on LR Mobile to my LR catalog. When I look at Victoria's book, even the digital version, I see LR Classic and LR CC but don't see LR Classic CC...
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    How to use Photosync to transfer from LR Mobile IOS to Mac

    I have Photosync on my phone and on my Mac. I'm still running High Sierra 10.13.6 not Mojave. Photosync 3.2.7 on Phone. On Mac 3.2.1. I successfully use it to import my photos in Photos app on iPhone to the external hard drive attached to my Mac I use for photos. I initiate the transfer from...
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    Files recognized by LR in Import, missing in Library

    This is the error message I am getting: "The destination folder “/Volumes/LaCie/Previous backup from Iomega.maybe incomplete 1.9.19/Iomega HDD from Backblaze/2015_12_11 to be sorted lx5” is not available. Using “Pictures” folder instead." I have restored files onto a new external hard drive...
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    How to reverse accidental import of photos to LR Classic CC for Mac

    I accidentally imported thousands of photos to LR Classic CC for Mac. The undo function doesn't work for this problem. Is there a way to deleter the most recent import? Can I do it with Current Import? Just highlight all and delete?
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    keyword missing

    The entire keyword list is missing. It was there the last time I opened LR. I just reopened it. For a while I used the LR CC (iCloud) and decided it didn't suit me so I went back to Classic. I last used Classic and the keyword list was present. Thanks for help from all of you.
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    How to move back from LR CC to LR Classic

    Hello: I moved my catalog from LR Classic to LR CC a few months ago and have found that LR Classic better suits my needs. I have my photos on a local hard drive and in a 3rd party cloud site. The LR CC photos I imported to CC are in the Adobe cloud. I have imported images to LR CC and made a few...
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    How to select pixel count when outputting to JPEG?

    I am outputting a set of images to JPEG for the first time. The site that I'm sending these to has parameters of 72 ppi and a minimum of 1920 pixels. If I use the Export function I can designate pixels count. If I output by using the Print Job panel, how I do designate minimum pixels? In...
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    Resizing photo for printing

    In the Crop tool I have designated my photo to be 16x9 and hit Close to save that setting. When I go into the Print module under Layout the measurement indicated on the photo is 6.047 x 10.75. When I try to type in 16x9 into the Layout under Cell Size, I get a dialogue box that says A number...