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    Help with "!" on photos

    I'm getting this since I changed where my photos are being stored... how do I fix? Also when I open LR I get the photo in selected album...but then they seem to all show up.
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    Moving pictures

    How do I, without having any problems, have Lightroom link to my pictures on another drive instead of where it is seeing them now. LR is using the photos on a drive that isn't up to date and I don't have my 2021 photos. The whole list in on a D drive. Can I go into catalog settings and just...
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    My LR Classic came up saying I had a new version and to upgrade...then to import. When I clicked the "import" button it was saying it couldn't find my pictures and was using another folder which I didn't I can't get my original folder. How do I do this? Every time I go back in it...
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    Face Tagging

    I just started face tagging people. I have my named people at the top and then the unnamed people always show up as the last person I face tagged. What I'm wondering if there is a faster way to face tag than ctrl clicking on each photo of that person to add? I'm thinking not but not sure.
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    Lightroom Mobile for iPhone

    I haven't used much but because when I'm out I usually use my iPad. All my photos are there but not on the iPhone. I'm not sure why. Do I need to sync files because I've tried adding photos but it doesn't show up with anything.
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    Graduated Filter question

    I've never had a problem before but I'm trying to change a sky and make a bit darker in my photo but when I try to use the graduated filter I'm not seeing the colored mask come down in my photo. I'm seeing a very faint line. Down the bottom I see Range Mask is off...not sure if this is the...
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    Liquify Tool

    Has anyone used (I'm sure you have) the liquify to change a smile, etc. All of a sudden mine stopped working. Won't recognize a face at all.
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    PS 2020 (22.1.0)

    My pages or whatever I do in PS will not save. It comes up with an error saying "could not complete your request because of a program error". That is if I save as psd, tiff, jpeg, etc. I saw something online about a bug? And someone had a fix which is just too convoluted. Anyone know about...
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    2020 Photoshop Weird Problems

    Has anyone notice when you try and resize something it jumps to big and resizes? Also I really have to hold my key when clipping two layers together or it doesn't work. Also when I go up to the menu to use a feature it jerks sometimes. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same...
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    Bridge problem

    I updated to the new Bridge and it was supposed to I believe bring all my previous stuff with it. Well I lost all my keywords. Is there a way to get them back. It would be way too much work to redo. Uggg I'm so not happy.
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    Plug in apps for Lightroom CC

    Can one have Topaz and Nik Software as a plug in LR? I see plug-ins but not sure.
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    Can't Drag and Drop

    I saw another post about this but the photos I'm trying to drag and drop onto another folder arent' in collections. I'm not grabbing by the frame but in the middle like always. I don't get any little tick showing me it's going to move...nothing. I've tried closing and reopening LR but to no...
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    Printing 10x8 in LR CC

    I am trying to print a photo with my Canon iP8700 for a landscape photo 10x8. Have had trouble since it is the right width but the sides are not quite 8". They are about 7 1/2". Is there something I am doing wrong? I've used the template and changed my printer setting correctly...(using the...
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    Slow Previews

    When scrolling down through my photos they come up very slowly...I'm wondering if there a setting I'm not changing.
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    PS Classic drop shadows not working right

    A PS problem maybe someone can answer...I've never had a problem with my drop shadows until (my computer crash) I had to download a new PS Classic. My shadows on eloments are showing dark , even though they aren't when I look up the shadow attributes. And they are coming out with a weird...
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    Computer Crash - question

    I had to download a new version of LR I need to import all my photos again or just direct it to the folder?
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    Newest Version

    Okay I updated to the new and latest where are my photos? Do I have to import them again???
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    Which to edit?

    I have a Canon 7D and a Canon Rebel T7i...when I imported my photos from vacation overseas I got 2 photos inported...a jpeg and a CR2 Also I get a little Exclamation Point...says that metadata has been changed by LR and another app...and to either import from disk or overwrite. Since I've never...
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    Problem Opening LR Classic

    I've just since the other day am getting this message when I open LR...not sure why since there isn't anything else open that I know of... I end up clicking and clicking and it doesn't load. Then all of a sudden I try to close and it comes up.
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    CR2 files?

    I haven't seen CR2 files in ages...all of a sudden when importing from my camera they are being saved to my files as CR2 files. Any idea why? This is a new camera I am using and it just started to maybe it's the camera? It's a Canon T7i.
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    Can't find photos imported!

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.2 rel Camera Raw 10.2 rel I recently got a new computer and installed LR Classic again. I imported a lot of photos the other day and now I can't find them! I didn't realize where they were going to...
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    Importing file problem

    I got a new computer...imported all my files to a folder on my E drive. (new drive)... but it doesn't look like it completed from looking at the top bar where it imports....if I try to exit it says it is "importing files" so I can't exit. All my photos look like they are there though. The other...
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    New Computer problem

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC 7.2 release I just got a new computer and used PC Mover to get all my programs, etc. onto the new one. I'm getting two messages in LR I have no clue how to fix. First is about regarding my directory.. (see photo)...
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    Catalog folder question

    Operating System: Wndows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): As you can see I have a bunch of LR catalog files. Are they any I can delete..maybe the earlier ones
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    Get back to original view

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): How do I get back to my original view? I don't want the people at this moment but if I click to now show nothing happens.