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    how to create file folders

    Hello, I recently moved my photo folders from windows 7 to windows 10 and now they are no longer in folders. What I have is a long stream of photos. Could someone tell me how to put my photos into folders with titles? Thank you.
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    LR6 to replace LR4.4

    Hi, I just bought an LR6 dvd to replace my LR4.4 software. I have about 20,000 photos on my old software. How do I transfer my photos to the new software? Thank you.
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    file and copy names

    Hello, I have a very simple problem. I recently moved LR4 to a new computer and now I no longer have the file and copy names appearing on each photo. How do I rectify this problem? Thank you.
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    Can't find my folders.

    I moved LR4 to a new computer and now all 16,083 of my photos are in one folder instead of appearing in folders indicating the years the photos were imported into LR. The name of this huge folder is All Photographs. These photos are in My Pictures (Windows 7) in folders indicating the years...