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    Mobile Phone Login issue

    iPhone 10 and up to date. Does anyone know why I get "Oops! We ran into some problems. Try again later. More error details may be in the browser console." I've been trying for days. Even powered down a few times. I'm not as familiar with iPhones as I an with desktop Macs. Where do I look in the...
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    Mac - formatting external drives to APFS

    I updated to Big Sur while allows Time Machine to work with AFPS. I reformatted the Time Machine drive which is a spinning disk to AFPS. I've never seen a complete backup that fast. Less than an hour. I'm considering reformatting my external drives that store my RAW files. Also spinning disks...
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    How do companies get away with this?
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    LrC 9.4 underexposing Canon R5

    RAW files about ½ stop. Adobe acknowledged it is a bug and will be corrected. Note: If you compare them to Canon’s DPP it may look like up to 1 stop if Auto Lighting Optimizer is enabled.
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    I can't sign into the Adobe community

    I select sign using PS Family. It tells me I'm signed in but I'm actually not. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a solution?
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    Future LR version

    I'm going to predict this fall (as usual) LR Classic will get an update. Major or minor and will be called LrC 21. What do you think? Is Adobe going to follow the trend of competitors that are doing this or will it be LrC 10?
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    Back to the Adobe and Canon Squabble

    I wasn't expecting to see Canon Colours with the new Canon R5 and 6. I don't have the R5 but I will get one soon I hope. In preparation I have been testing ColorChecker Passport. Some including myself think that CCP over-saturates a few colours but the skin tones always look great. In a...
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    What I'd like to see in a future update

    I have to use the eyedropper to get rid of fringing. I own DXO PL and I never see fringing so I assume it does it automatically. That would be a time saver if LR/ACR could detect and automatically correct it. CA was on before I removed it in this example. I am going to submit a request.
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    Import presets

    I rarely open files using ACR. I created a new import preset using the new ISO Adaptive option LR. I decided to open a file using ACR and it did not apply that preset. I checked ACR preferences and my new preset was not there and I deleted these presets in LR long ago. I thought these days LR...
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    Canon and Adobe

    I started a thread about why hasn't Adobe added Canon Colour profiles for the new CR3 format. I thought I read they were partnering. I got a few emails from Canon about the new R5. Not sure what this means but as far as I know you can only get to the Adobe Cloud via the Adobe CC App? I could be...
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    Libraries sync error?

    We had a power failure last week and strange things have been going on with my iMac. I'm getting this error but I haven't ever synced anything. I signed out and back in but I'm still getting this error.
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    Photography Plan monthly plan will no cancelation penalties?

    For US citizens only. This seems to appear this way. Is there some small print I'm missing.
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    What's up with the annoying

    red alert light in the CC app icon that is on all of the time now. If you click on it there is nothing new and by the end of the day it is back again. I think I'm going to get some black electrical tape and cover it. I try to ignore it but it is like Austin Powers trying to ignore the Moles mole.
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    Issue with Portfolio

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I cannot launch my website via Creative Cloud app. I repaired it, tried to reinstall it but it won't let me. Logged out and in, re-started the computer, etc. Pretty much all the basics. The site is still active and I can launch it on my laptop...
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    Camera Colour Profiles

    I was not sure where to post this. I did a few searches. Some led to the Photoshop Family, other Adobe forms and still not clear. Why are there no Canon Colour matching profiles for CR3 files? There have been several cameras released and it has been over a year for a few. Only one has the...
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    Adobe offering 2 months free to all subscribers

    I didn't see this in the blog or posted elsewhere. I didn't get the offer on the Offer page so I started a chat and they tacked it on at the end. 1. Log into your account 2. Cancel your plan. This won’t cancel your account. 3. Go through the steps, confirm you want to do this and check the...
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    How to set defaults specific to ISO values

    I've blanked out on this one. I'd like to try to get this working but I'm missing something. It is in the section called Set raw defaults specific to ISO values so my preferred NR value is applied depending on the ISO. I even downloaded the ISO-dependant presets examples but have no idea of how...
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    From the what's new in Classic 9.2 blog

    You will notice that different defaults by ISO are no longer natively supported, as Lightroom’s noise reduction has improved and they’re generally no longer needed. Was the NR reduction improvement part of this update?
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    Creative Cloud app syncing

    I don't recall ever clicking on the cloud icon in the app but it is spinning and I'm not sure what it is doing. I can pause it but I can't stop it. How do I stop it?
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    I'm trying to make request to the Portfolio group. I found this but I don't want to become a Google member and I don't use Facebook. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. I'd like to see is a better...
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    Issue with Move tool and Layers

    I also have the latest PS. I've been watching a video. You edit a file in LR and export to PS as smart object. You edit the same file with different adjustments and send to PS as a smart object. Select the Move tool and the file you want to layer. Then place the cursor in the middle of the...
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    I'm aware of Victoria's blog about them. I'm trying to create one but I first need to disable one of the Apple shortcuts. Here is the list of Apple shortcuts. I'd like to disable Command X. Mac keyboard shortcuts I have been searching but I can't find the answer. It says to access...
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    PS not showing correct image size

    I've never seen this before. I must have inadvertently changed something. I exported at 1024 on the long side and opened in PS. The image looks too small and it is at 100%. As you can see when I open it in Preview (left file) it looks correct. This on my iMac. Same OS and Adobe versions on my...
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    Catalina and TM issues

    It seems Time Machine is causing my MacBook Air to restart. It is running AFPS. I see it created two drives. HD and HD - Data. TM seems confused between the two drives. I have sent crash reports to Apple. I have been reading about it and as I'm typing the laptop is going through a 35 minute...
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    Adobe always finds new ways to stir things up

    At least they are consistent. Another breach and another feeding frenzy out there in cyber land.