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  1. johnbeardy

    Impossible request: Keyword batch rename

    I forgot to say that the setup instructions are at the top of the script - you can open it in Text Edit.
  2. johnbeardy

    Impossible request: Keyword batch rename

    You're in luck - I had a script that could be modified. It swaps _K9 to | , and it is case-senstive and exact. So it would miss _k9 or just k9, though these would be easy to add.
  3. johnbeardy

    Impossible request: Keyword batch rename

    It's called the pipe, Bill, and on my Mac laptop keyboard it's on the right above the \. As you say, it's clean, I don't use | for anything else unlike regular punctuation characters, and it's not used in LR for anything, unlike + and - which can be used in the Library Filter, or * or % which...
  4. johnbeardy

    Impossible request: Keyword batch rename

    Sorry, Bill, I did misread you. Ignore my previous comments entirely - I'll start over again. You ask about good tutorials and I would point you to The DAM Book by Peter Krogh and Welcome | Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow | dpBestflow . These focus on good practice in metadata...
  5. johnbeardy

    Impossible request: Keyword batch rename

    No, keywords aren't suitable for filenaming (what if there is a line of 4 dogs in the photo?) and there are no workarounds. It's just not a good idea to overcomplicate file names. If you want to include the dog/owner names, first enter them in a field like title or headline which LR's batch...
  6. johnbeardy

    Keyword Hierarchy when importing exported Apple Tiff's

    That's the only way. Or just leave them as they are, and take your time adding them to a keyword hierarchy - just when you have a specific need to tidy up. I'm not a big fan of hierarchical keywording, though not because of the reasons already mentioned. They can make some sense in Lightroom...
  7. johnbeardy

    How to download pictures from the LR Cloud

    Is your LrC catalogue set up to sync? If so, it should automatically download any raw files importing in any of the cloudy LR apps. It sounds like you should import first into LrC and sync the photos, then import them a second time into Lr to get raw files in the cloud. Ignore the Downloader...
  8. johnbeardy

    Actions no longer working

    I only mention 8/16 bit as it's one that I often hit, but the error is mine for sending those 16 bit files (or not adding an 8 bit conversion in the action). It may be that in looking at the steps (which is good) you have accidentally changed one or more. So as well as checking what you are...
  9. johnbeardy

    Actions no longer working

    What are the precise errors? I've lots of actions that I've written over the years, and in my experience errors are unlikely to be caused by a change in version of PS. It's far more common to be something related to the image - eg a line in the action might assume 8 bit images bit you've sent it...
  10. johnbeardy

    I need to put videos I tak with my iphone into LRC. Any thoughts on a work flow

    Yes, I mentioned earlier that in the app's Settings is an automatic import setting for video. There is also a separate one for photos, so you can have the same manual control over them as now.
  11. johnbeardy

    I need to put videos I tak with my iphone into LRC. Any thoughts on a work flow

    When you sync videos the way I suggest, you are getting the originals in their full quality / length. Sometimes it's worth rendering a video on the phone, then importing it too, but in my case I find that's only useful when I've forgotten to stop recording and want to remove minutes of blurry...
  12. johnbeardy

    I need to put videos I tak with my iphone into LRC. Any thoughts on a work flow

    Use LrMobile. You can set it up to automatically import new videos (in Settings), and they then appear in your catalogue.
  13. johnbeardy

    Selection Criteria on Import

    Sounds like you're fighting LR? Keywords and other metadata are more flexible than folder structures can ever be. The Import dialog is indeed designed as Johan describes with the goal of getting everything safely off flash storage and backed up, so the card can be formatted. So it just doesn't...
  14. johnbeardy

    Adobe Cloud

    Exactly, and I think the Adobe Cloud will be fine as you are aware of that requirement. Of course, a catalogue's various preview folders can be much bigger than the catalogue and would eat into the 20gb, as would any photos shot on your phone or imported directly into LrMobile.
  15. johnbeardy

    Adobe Cloud

    Yes, though it has the same issues as Dropbox if you use the catalogue on more than one computer
  16. johnbeardy

    Determine sort order for albums in an online gallery

    Have you looked into Portfolio? It comes with your subscription, offers more customisation, and you can display collections/abums in whatever order you want.
  17. johnbeardy

    Working with OS X Photos App

    Yes, maybe Adobe should have called it "The App Formerly Known As Lightroom Mobile". Catchy, eh?
  18. johnbeardy

    Working with OS X Photos App

    I would also suggest Lightroom Mobile as the key. Most of my phone pics are shot with its camera, but I use the iOS camera too and record occasional videos on it. LRM is set up to automatically import new photos and videos, which means they are automatically downloaded to the catalogue, and...
  19. johnbeardy

    Filtering multiple keywords

    I think the easiest way is with two columns showing keywords, so here I filter first on Garry Kasparov, and then the second keyword column filters for members of my family who are in shots tagged with Kasparov. You can also use a smart collection - matches all - then 2 lines with keyword criteria.
  20. johnbeardy

    Picture Files

    No, they are separate.
  21. johnbeardy

    Export to

    Maybe you can set up Messages as either an external editor (via Preferences) or call it in the Post Processing Step at the bottom of the export dialog?
  22. johnbeardy

    Legal status of People View in UK

    No-one's reported you, yet....
  23. johnbeardy

    Suggestions on how to integrate Lightroom Classic and Mac OS Photos

    Cletus has given similar guidance to mine (thanks) so I'll just reply on one aspect. As he said, "you can use the camera option in Lightroom to shoot those photos and [largely] bypass the Photos camera". You'll probably still take pictures and maybe videos on the phone, but I'd question...