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  1. Rob Sylvan

    Import Backup

    I'm curious about how many people use the Backup function on the Import dialog, and if you do use it how do you manage those backed up photos over time?
  2. Rob Sylvan

    Worldwide Photo Walk

    I'm sure some of you have heard about Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk Day promotion for his new Lightroom book, well I've signed up to lead a walk in my (old) home town of Portsmouth NH. If any of you are in the northeast it would be great to have you come out. Portsmouth is a really nice...
  3. Rob Sylvan

    Is it possible to manipulate the metadata being displayed in a web gallery?

    Perhaps there is another way to do this that I've missed, but I'd like to create a web gallery that displays GPS data as a link to google maps. I can display the GPS in a caption just fine. I can tweak the template so that the GPS data is wrapped in a link, but the problem is that Lightroom...
  4. Rob Sylvan

    How do you protect your photos when you put them online?

    I'm doing some research for an article I'm writing and I'm curious to hear your thoughts about what measures you take to protect the photos you put online. Is it even an issue you worry about? Do you use sites like Flickr, Vox, Facebook and Photobucket to share photos? Do you have your own...
  5. Rob Sylvan

    Photo not opening in Photoshop

    I'm wondering if any of you have encountered this problem or could suggest a solution. I'm trying to help someone who is having trouble sending a photo to be edited in Photoshop CS2 from Lightroom. - He's using Lightroom 1.4.1 on Mac OS 1'.5. - He is choosing edit a copy with Lightroom...
  6. Rob Sylvan

    Desperatly seeking help in LR 1.0

    You could try exporting a web gallery of all photos using the largest image size possible. Lightroom will create the JPGs in sRGB from your preview cache. The images will likely be much smaller than the originals, but they should be named the same. Look inside the exported folder. If you are on...
  7. Rob Sylvan

    Aperture vs. Lightroom poll on cnet'1-1358'_3-9875221-39.html?part=dht&tag=nl.e7'3
  8. Rob Sylvan

    Lunar Ecplise

    Anyone looking up right now?
  9. Rob Sylvan

    Scott Kelby's 2.0 Wishlist

    Scott Kelby offers a pretty comprehensive wishlist: What I’d Love to See in Lightroom 2.' Includes a lot of what has been suggested our own Feature Request forum! :-)
  10. Rob Sylvan

    cNet article "on Adobe's Lightroom radar"

    On Adobe's Lightroom radar: panoramas, HDR Didn't see this posted here yet, and thought some would find it interesting.
  11. Rob Sylvan

    two-line text ID plate in 1.3?

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone is able to create a two-line styled text ID plate in 1.3? I can do it in 1.2 by pressing ctrl-Enter for a line break. But in 1.3 that just closes the ID editor. I can paste in two lines from a word doc in 1.2, but only the top line gets pasted in 1.3. Perhaps it...
  12. Rob Sylvan

    Rob Sylvan - trying to be helpful

    I live in the Southern end of New Hampsire, USA, with 1 wife, 1 kid, 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 horse. :D I love digital photography, and I enjoy helping others with digital imaging issues. I wear a number of hats, but the most relevant is that I have been an assistant on the NAPP Help Desk since May...
  13. Rob Sylvan

    Add a drop shadow to text in a slideshow?

    Sorry for the double-post (to those of you who are active in the Adobe U2U forum), but I'm trying to solve a mystery (to me anyway). It seems as though this may be a Mac vs Win thing? According to Lightroom's documentation, there is a Shadow checkbox and settings in the Overlays panel, but...