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  1. LouieSherwin

    Problem logging in to Forum from IOS

    I cannot figure out why I cannot login from Safari or Firefox from my iPhone. (IOS 13.3). Every time I tap the "login" item on the menu I the following alert. “Oops! We ran into some problems. Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser...
  2. LouieSherwin

    Time Machine on a NAS revisited - not recommended

    First I must say that I love Time Machine. It is hands down the easiest backup and restore system I have ever used and I have tried many. It has saved me several times from various disk failures. Time Machine was designed for and works extremely reliably when connected to a local MacOS HSF...
  3. LouieSherwin

    How to change default settings

    The Develop default settings in LR Mobil are not all zero plus I would like to change them to match the ones LR Classic CC. However, I cannot find a way to do so. There is only one topic on the Adobe forums on this issue with no answers.
  4. LouieSherwin

    Minor bug with the "Mark Forums Read" button

    This now only displays the option to mark "All" forums read not just the one that is active when you click it. I use this frequently to not have to read every single topic. -louie
  5. LouieSherwin

    New formatting of forum menu

    Hi, This morning I noticed that the forum menus are now formatted to match the LRQ website style instead of the forum style. At first I thought that the menus were missing until I took a closer look. My preference would to be keep the forum menus with the same style as the forum itself if for...
  6. LouieSherwin

    Lens Corrections for Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS (SEL24105G)

    I am curious if anyone who has used this new lens has looked in the Lightroom Lens Corrections and can tell me if you are able to turn off Enable Profile Corrections. I know that Adobe has disallowed the ability to turn off "Remove Chromatic Aberrations" for many FE lenses. Also that they have...
  7. LouieSherwin

    Next and Previous topic buttons?

    Is there an option to add Next and Previous topic navigation buttons to the topic display? This would be helpful especially during the recent flurry of discussions after the latest announcements. I know this was available in the past probably with the pervious forum software. tks, -louie
  8. LouieSherwin

    New forum organization

    Hi Victoria, Logged in this morning to discover that you have reorganized the main forums. I think this is a good idea as many people had a hard time choosing where to post their questions. However, I am puzzled by the separation of the 1-6 (perpetual) v.s. CC (subscription). The differences...
  9. LouieSherwin

    Is there an easy way to track collection changes in a catalog

    Sometimes when traveling I have some time and want to reorganize some of my collections. However, it seems that the only action that does not trigger a change to the "Edit Date" for an image is updating its collection membership. Short of remembering to place a tag on all the all the effected...
  10. LouieSherwin

    How to do advanced search

    Hi, I just tried the following search of the forum. Search Results for Query: xmp sidecar dng When the search returns there is the following qualifying statement: The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: xmp, dng This...
  11. LouieSherwin

    Default Avatar changes

    Was there a change or update to the forum software the caused many of the default avatars to change? -louie
  12. LouieSherwin

    Problem using Edit Date to track Collection update

    Hi, I am on a trip and I exported a satellite catalog with only previews with the intention of working on organization, keywords, collections etc. Following the suggestion in Peter Krogh's eBook Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5, I created a Smart Collection with a single rule Edit...
  13. LouieSherwin

    Problem with Time Machine backingup

    If you are using both Time Machine and CrashPlan as part of you backup strategy then you need to be aware of problem. Code42 sometime in the recent past, late 2015 in think, started setting the "immutable" bit on the package in you Applications folder. This will cause Time Machine...
  14. LouieSherwin

    A way to always go to original post

    When browsing through the forums looking at the updated content, sometimes I want to first go to the original post to understand where the topic started. With the new forum software when a topic has new posts there is not a way to do this from the list of forum topics. Both the blue dot (Go to...
  15. LouieSherwin

    Add a feature to mark some replies as answers?

    I think that simply marking a thread as complete is less useful than if there is a way to tag one or more replies as having answered the question. This is especially true if those replies are then floated to the top of the discussion. In QandA discussions where this feature is available I find...
  16. LouieSherwin

    How to disable vertical swipe to change flag/star

    In LR Mobile on my iPhone there is a feature to allow you to easily change either the rating or flags by a simple vertical swipe. I my case it is too easy. For some reason I often unintentionally make such a swipe and start to change the flag in my case to rejected which is NOT what I want to...
  17. LouieSherwin

    Question about Aspect Ratio Filter

    Hi, In the Filter bar there is an option titled "Aspect Ratio". When included it offers several values, Landscape, Portrait, Square and confusingly Unknown. First off it seems to me that the first three are mutually exclusive in that an image can only be in one category. Secondly it turns out...
  18. LouieSherwin

    Update Release CC 2015-5.2.1

    I just installed this latest update on my laptop and began trying it out. No crashes yet at least for me so maybe that problem is fixed. Will have to wait for those who were having problems to report. The new Import is quite a surprise especially if you don't know how to bypass the new Add...
  19. LouieSherwin

    The big online image grab - some thoughts

    In the latest round of photo managing software releases over the last year there appears to be a definite trend for each service provider to want to grab ALL my photos on all my devices and put them safely on their servers. Case in point the last Lightroom Mobile (2.0) turned on the setting to...
  20. LouieSherwin

    Where to view and discuss import problem for CC 2015.2 and 6.2

    There is a very active thread discussing all the issues with the new Import as implemented. Lightroom: Restore features removed from Import in LR 6.2 / CC 2015.2 Please go there and record your input as this where Adobe is looking at feedback. -louie
  21. LouieSherwin

    Loosing Print Settings for Epson printers from templates and saved prints

    I am working on cleaning up and organizing my print templates as well as creating some saved prints to make it easy to make reprints. The clean up was easy but I am finding it impossible to save the "Print Settings" and have them recalled when I select either a template or a saved print...
  22. LouieSherwin

    Lightroom CC June 2015 update

    There is a new release of LR CC and 6 with some enhancements and a lot of bug fixes. Be cautious though because I have seen reports of problems with plugins being disabled. If you depend on plugins like the Nik Collection, Topaz or OnOne make sure that these issues are resolved before you jump...
  23. LouieSherwin

    Eric Chan on GPU implementation

    Thanks Jim for this link. I think it is useful enough to post by itself as it will help may to better understand the GPU operation in LR6. -louie
  24. LouieSherwin

    Problem with capture time in videos imported from my iPhone

    I'm finding a minor but annoying problem when importing videos from my iPhone into Lightroom. It works slightly differently if I import directly from my iPhone and if I import the file after it is copied onto my computer using the PhotoSync app. I use an import preset that renames the files to...
  25. LouieSherwin

    Metadata viewer in PS CC (2014) has changed - missing the Advanced tab

    The File Info metadata viewer in CC (2014) has been reformatted. The view tabs are now in a side column instead of across the top. One minor problem is that the "Advanced" tab is missing in the new viewer. This was a formatted hierarchal view of all the included image metadata. You can still get...