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  1. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom - Photoshop Facebook Group

    I see some people I know from here on this group and suggest that you will find some great people and fun images along with tips and tutorials so have a look: Love #Photoshop and #Lightroom? Come join our Facebook group!
  2. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom 4.4 is available

    Links and information here.
  3. Kiwigeoff

    Popping in from Kampala

    Hi all, having an unbelievable time in Uganda. Plenty of pics like this:
  4. Kiwigeoff

    True story......

    Yesterday I was given a 1975 Nikon F2 Photomic complete with 50mm f1.4, 80-200mm f4.5 lenses and Eveready case in great condition. Here's the cool part....... Sometime not long before this camera was manufactured and I had a Pentax ESII while watching a movie with a photographer using a Nikon...
  5. Kiwigeoff

    Viewing capture time in milliseconds

    Anyone know how to do this for Nikon D7000?? And also interpreting Focus Distance exif data?
  6. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate 2 now available

    It's here on Adobe Labs With notes on Lightroom Journal here Bug fixes, performance fixes and..... some brilliant new additions!!:nod:
  7. Kiwigeoff

    Mogrify issue

    With LR4 Mogrify is leaving log txt files all over my desktop which don't disappear unless I reboot the Mac. Shutting down LR leaves them. The settings in the PlugIn manager are to not write logs. Anyone seen this or any ideas?? It is a PITA!!!:wtf:
  8. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom 3.6 now available.

    Here or through the Help Menu in Lightroom. Enjoy!!:grin:
  9. Kiwigeoff

    New online Photo Mag - free too!

    Check this out: f11 Magazine Lightroom is the subscriber prize this issue. I know the editor from a few years back when he worked for Kodak and me the Nikon distributors. I was supplied with endless Kodachrome and he switched from Canon to Nikon and has never looked back!!:shock:
  10. Kiwigeoff

    Steve Jobs 1955-2011

    Apple: Be inspired: What a loss to the tech world...........:cry::cry:
  11. Kiwigeoff

    Mac - files not in Trash just deleted

    At sometime the behaviour of LR changed when deleting files. It went from placing the deleted files in the trash from which they could be retrieved to removing them from the computer altogether, no trash, nothing. Also when converting to DNG inside LR the raw files are removed as above while the...
  12. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom 3.4.1 Now Available

    Either use the Check for Updates in the Help Menu or d/l from ACR 6.4.1 is also available. These updates are highly recommended especially for those with LR3.4.
  13. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom to become the new Photoshop

    Looks like the Adobe team are up to big stuff: Exciting!!
  14. Kiwigeoff


    Thanks all who reported the spam attack. The posts have been removed and the spammer banned. :'(
  15. Kiwigeoff


    Thanks Peter Knoot and Cletus Lee for reporting the spammer!! All gone quickly thanks to you.I have your free Lightroom forum tee shirts here for you to collect :D :D :D not!!! Well if you arrive at my door I'll see what I can do!! :icon_lol: :icon_lol:
  16. Kiwigeoff

    Seasons Greetings

    I hope everyone has a wonderful festive day and that 2'1' brings much success, especially increased productivity with LR3 !! :) :)
  17. Kiwigeoff

    Slideshow on Windows

    I've had a query as to whether the drop shadow is available on the Windows LR2 version. Is it possible?
  18. Kiwigeoff

    It's Spring down here!!

    And with it changeable weather - from this to this!! :D
  19. Kiwigeoff

    Upgrading to Leopard

    Upgrading to Leopard from Tiger.How does this sound:1. Copy my internal HD to an external.2. Format internal - I want to do this there is 4 tears of gunk!!3. Shift the old stuff back from external and then upgrade? Have I missed anything?? Funny, I used to always have the latest, now I like what...
  20. Kiwigeoff

    Re: Uploading files

    Uploading files Tried to upload a screen shot and after choosing the file all there seems to do is hit post.After doing this nothing happened for about 5 minutes after which I surrendered. Is there some other trick???
  21. Kiwigeoff

    Sometimes it's worth the early start!!

    The rest of the day always goes well after starts like this......... Imported to LR and cropped slightly !! Enjoy!!:cheesy::cheesy:
  22. Kiwigeoff

    OT Help with CD error

    I've written a CD (twice) using the Mac OS and sent it to a client. They say that is blue screens their PC's. (I said buy a Mac of course!!). Now the files are jpeg exports from LR and I have done this plenty of times with no complaints. I guess there could be a corrupt file (they are the only...
  23. Kiwigeoff

    Dual Monitor slowdown

    I've had some feedback on LR lagging when two monitors are used, specially with brushes etc. Can anyone confirm this??
  24. Kiwigeoff

    This is what I was up to !!

    A few snaps from our local balloon fiesta with 2' balloons this year. I had a ride day one and day two with another engagement straight after had to settle for some ground shots.... Here we go, I hitched a ride in the left hand balloon so as I could get shots of the green one which I am...
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    Do we need a Kiwi Forum ????:shock::shock:;);):cheesy::cheesy: