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  1. Jimmsp

    Starting over in Lightroom

    How many catalogues do you have? You can also merge multiple catalogues. That way you maintain the work that you have already done. If you are going to really start fresh, be sure you consolidate all those photo's & folders into a single location before you have Lightroom take over. That will...
  2. Jimmsp

    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I intend to back into it. With my 90D, I get very manageable noise; and a large range of native ISO. I ran Johan's suggested ISO variations the other day and was very pleased with the results. So I intend to still shoot at f/4 and ISO6400 (or what ever) where I might be perfectly exposed at...
  3. Jimmsp

    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    Johan - this has been a fascinating discussion. And I think I have understood it. Your "Exposure to the left" is a great summation. I am pretty sure that I can use this in many situations for my birds in flight as well as for some insect macros. I'll go back and check some older photos. This...
  4. Jimmsp

    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    The important takeaway from the "ISO Invariance" discussion for me is that an underexposure of a couple of stops is fine. LR can easily correct that and the inherent noise is less than in a "properly exposed" shot. Two of the important shooting subjects that this effects for me are birds in...
  5. Jimmsp

    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I don't really know how to answer you as so much depends on your camera and sensor, along with the subject and the lighting. I kind of know where you are going with the question, but I don't think there is an easy answer. I shoot a Canon 90D, which has improved noise over much of its ISO range...
  6. Jimmsp

    Will My Edits Die When I Die?!

    Having had this discussion with others of my older generation, we generally agree that prints are much better that digital if you want them "handed down". And if you want your photos to survive for more than one generation, prints need notes with them. This is easily accomplished by putting your...
  7. Jimmsp

    Topaz deNoise in LR workflow

    This can be a complex question, but I'll give you my simple answer. There can be a lot of subtle detail that is very photo dependent and camera sensor sensitive. I have run many photos through both Topaz Denoise AI and Sharpen AI. According to the Topaz technical support that I have discussed...
  8. Jimmsp

    Making a non-lightroom version of my catalogue

    Let me better summarize, as I too rambled a bit. I will continue to use The Lightroom Catalog to rate and keyword my photos. This will include family names and using facial recognition I will focus on family. I don't expect long term interest in my bird and travel photos no matter how much I...
  9. Jimmsp

    Making a non-lightroom version of my catalogue

    Benjenss, I have gone through your posts, and tried to extract a few sentences so I can really understand what you want to do. You have said: I use LRC mostly for developing and cataloging, I never got into flagging, rating, face rec, and all that stuff. Most of my stuff is RAW. So I have my...
  10. Jimmsp

    market trend towards AI handling noise and sharpening

    Adobe would be better off acquiring Topaz, and integrating Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI into their product.
  11. Jimmsp

    sky replacement

    How did you create the file? Did you send a file, like tiff, from LR to PS and then replaced the sky? Did you "save" or "save as" that file? Photoshop doesn't really "store" a file. It does not have a catalog function. If LR is aware of the new file - simply delete it from the HD using LR.
  12. Jimmsp

    Unable to register for the Summit from my laptop. Site totally blocked

    You probably will still have this problem when you try to connect to the site to view the talks. I would recommend the following: Turn off McAfee that came with your pc. That is causing your problem. Then take a 30 day free trial of something that will work, like MalwayeBytes Premium. As...
  13. Jimmsp

    Unable to register for the Summit from my laptop. Site totally blocked

    What virus or malware protection software are you using? I had no issue with with Window's Defender and Malwarebytes Premium. Jim
  14. Jimmsp

    Slideshow module Slideshow Issues with Upgrade

    I have not used slideshow yet with the latest version of LR Classic, so no comment on whether it is fixed or not. I am told by a friend that it works well when generating a new slide show. I have been doing a lot of video, however; mixing videos with still photos. So, without the video, it is...
  15. Jimmsp

    Creative Cloud Updates

    Actually, this is the issue I have with the Google apps you can use on Google Drive. The apps like Google Sheets can change overnight, and you never know it. I would prefer to be notified rather than be surprised. For me, I really don't care a lot about the Creative Cloud app; but I do care...
  16. Jimmsp

    Upsizing Capability of LR Classic vs Photoshop

    Thanks. I have had good luck with both. I have been playing with more texture blending, and many of my textures need upsizing. That is easy to do in PS. The case in hand is for upsizing a smaller photo for a photo club member for a contest I run so that she can compete on equal ground. As you...
  17. Jimmsp

    Upsizing Capability of LR Classic vs Photoshop

    I will also want to compare the 2x upsize, from 1000 to 2000 px. I am guessing that is where I will see the difference.
  18. Jimmsp

    Upsizing Capability of LR Classic vs Photoshop

    Has anyone done a semi-quantitative comparison of the upsizing capability of the latest LR Classic and the latest Photoshop? Say I had a photo that was 1000 px on a side and I wanted to upsize it to 1500 px a side. Has anyone found a difference? In general, I upsize in PS, and I do that before...
  19. Jimmsp

    Backup Software Q

    This sounds like an almost perfect situation for an off set backup using another hard drive. And you should also maintain at least one other copy of this hard drive locally. An offsite backup in a bank will work well for you now.
  20. Jimmsp

    Backup Software Q

    In the end, you really don't care as long as you can get them back in the same format as you sent them up. I do know, for instance, that I can give Dropbox a raw file, and when I or someone else downloads it, they get a raw file back. That is all I care about.
  21. Jimmsp

    Backup Software Q

    While not exactly what you are asking for, you will find this an interesting article about cloud storage
  22. Jimmsp

    Backup Software Q

    Not necessarily advice, but I will tell you what I do. I back everything on my main computer (3 internal drives, & 1 external) to two large external usb hard drives. Each gets a full copy, so I have two local backups. I have too much stuff, imo, to have loaded a cloud drive in any reasonable...
  23. Jimmsp

    creative cloud repair

    Thanks for the update; and glad it is working again.
  24. Jimmsp

    Need to create a second Catalog

    The simple answer to your question is "Yes you can". But it is not necessary and generally not recommended. Keep all your personal photos in one catalog. My personal catalog is well over 150,000 images and consists of raws, tiffs, dngs, and jpegs. I would simply point your current catalog at...
  25. Jimmsp

    Uploading Textures in LR

    That is correct. Take a look at Beginners Guide to Creating and Applying Texture Overlays Using Photoshop. for a good overview.