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    List View plugin problem

    Yes please - the sooner the better :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    LR/ACR processing of RAW file from unsupported camera model (new to market)

    Paul: thanks and noted Cletus: thanks for such a clear and concise explanation of Proprietary vs DNG (saved me from a lot of Googling time:cool2:)
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    LR/ACR processing of RAW file from unsupported camera model (new to market)

    Thanks for your speedy help! It's great to know that I'll be able to process RAW straight away, by shooting in DNG format. If you have a moment to explain, I'm really curious to know just what is the difference between DNG and a camera manufacturer's proprietary format (in this case, PEF).
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    LR/ACR processing of RAW file from unsupported camera model (new to market)

    A Pentax K3-III is about to arrive in my hands soon and I expect there'll be a (hopefully) short time when LR/ACR won't know about this model. How will RAW conversion be affected? Pentax offers the choice to use DNG or PEF - will it make any difference to use DNG?
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    4K LR & Photoshop user interface scaling

    What works for me on Windows 10 is - PC Settings/System/Display - Scale and Layout set to 150% (Recommended)
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    Edit in Photoshop

    Have you tried increasing the canvas size , the larger images may appear whole (I do this a lot!)
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    External Editor Problems

    Ditto - Photoshop 10.1 on Windows 10 PC, LR 9.4: "edit in Photoshop" does not create a TIFF filename-Edit, also no option to edit original, copy or copy with LR edits. So not due to Big Sur. Thank goodness the previous version of Photoshop is still on my PC, so it will be easy to revert.
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    Deleting Photos via Collection

    What's even more irritating is when I want to delete a virtual copy that I created in the collection just to try out something and then decide to remove it. Anyway, you could set the "rejected" flag, filter them out whle you're working. Then eventually delete a whole lot at a time.
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    Catalog Overload?

    Here's a different method to consider, it's my process for avoiding the some of the inevitable slowdown as the main catalog grows. Most of my photos are taken on trips. When I come home the catalog and photos are copied to my desktop and processed there (cull, rate, edit, a bit of...
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    Website Closure is cancelled! We're staying open!

    (heaves sigh of relief that my LR safety net will still be there!) I'd like to add my BIG THANK YOU to Victoria - and all of the participants who give so freely and patiently of their expertise. Even by just browsing, I've picked up so much useful information. And as suggested, if a bit of...
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    Import When a DNG is not a DNG

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] License: Creative Cloud Language setting: en Operating system: Windows 8.1 - Home Premium Edition Version: 6.3.9600 Application architecture: x64 System architecture: x64 Logical...
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    Thank you, Queenie

    Just a little note of gratitude for providing the link for Lightroom updates in your notes! It's so comfortable to simply click on the link to start up the download so I can then make the update under my own control, rather than bite my nails while watching Adobe CC (whatever it's called) try...
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    Whither face recognition?

    Another vote from a user of face recognition. After a few nights of gritting my teeth and persevering, my family photos are now all up-to-date. I just wish that the face recognition algorithm would pick up on profiles! And yes, a "clear" button would be helpful.
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    Lightroom CC Issues after Install – For Windows Users

    Thanks again - I'll just watch the thread to see the outcome.
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    Lightroom CC Issues after Install – For Windows Users

    Hi Jim, thanks for the super-quick response! I'd already reported this on the same forum but in a different thread, getting no response, so I'm relieved that it's being looked at. The unzipped backup copy is actually ok, so the only way I'm worse off compared to LR5 is having to use Task...
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    Lightroom CC Issues after Install – For Windows Users

    Catalog backup fails to complete. I have not been able to get a completed backup for my catalog ever since installing LR6, nor since LR6.0.1. LR "hangs" and can only be stopped by using Task Manager. This happens with and without "optimise" and/or "check for integrity". The catalog size...