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    Lightroom 6.14 download

    In May this year, I had to reinstall Lightroom 6 on a Windows 8 laptop. I have now upgraded to a Windows 10 laptop, and want to reinstall Lightroom 6.14 - I can't find the shortcuts to the Lightroom downloads - can anyone help me find where I can download Lightroom 6.14? Many Thanks
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    Re-installed Lightroom 6 will not import RW2 Files

    I have recently had to reinstall my standalone version of Lightroom 6. When I tried to import RAW Files from my Panasonic Lumix GX8 Camera I get the "No Preview Available" error message. If I then try to import I get a further error message "The File format is nor recognized by the RAW format...
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    16x9 Frame

    Operating System: Windows 8 Lightroom Version: Lightroom 6.12 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have recently joined a local photographic club and they only allow 16x9 pictures in competitions. A suggestion...
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    Removing Date stamp from Canon Powershot SX 620 HS

    I recently purchased a Canon Powershot SX 620 HS camera as a replacement for an old Lumix FZ7. As with the FZ7 it only uses Jpeg for output. On importing photos into Lightroom 6.10 (Perpetual Licence), I cannot remove the date stamp from the photos. Having searched Lightroom forums, the...
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    Retrieving "Blown out" highlights ?

    Attached is a picture I took last year with an Lumix FZ200 camera of wild garlic in a wooded glade. I've tried several ways to adjust the sunlight areas of the picture, but to no avail. Can you suggest how I could retreive the blown out sunlight areas on the picture?
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    Lumix FZ200 Lense Info

    For a number of years I have been using a Lumix FZ200 camera. When I imported my catalogue into LR6 I noticed that >90% of the RAW pictures I had taken with my FZ200 the metadata indicated that "Camera Unknown". A few JPeg images were identified with the camera serial number. I was under the...
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    LR 6 Standalone Installation LR5.7 remains

    I installed the standalone LR 6 after upgrading from LR 5.7. I expected LR 6 to overwrite LR 5.7, but the desktop icon and system files appear to remain. Is it safe to unistall LR 5.7, and, if so are there any issues that I may encounter, for example loss of catalogues etc
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    Smart previews fail to build

    I've been using Lightroom 5 for 3 years, and recently upgraded to Lightroom 6. In Lightroom 5, Smart Previews automatically built for every RAW file that I imported. Now I get an error message stating that "Smart Previews failed to build". I have checked my import settings and I have the Smart...