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    5k vs 4k monitors

    I am looking at changing my external monitor and looking at a 27 inch monitor (thinking 32 inch may be too big). Is there much of a benefit going for a 5k rather than 4k monitor. I have read there are disadvantages to a 5k at that size " Extreme pixel density makes image evaluation much more...
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    Lightroom Classic 7.5 (1186149) showing one photo multiple times

    For a small number of my photos Lightroom is showing the same photo twice or three times in the grid view. If I try to delete one it deletes both. If I change the name of one it changes the others. There is only one photo in the folder I believe the catalog is corrupted but I didn't notice the...
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    Copying capture time metadata

    I am scanning a large number of slides which pick up the scan time as the capture time. I have tried changing the capture time of one photo in Lightroom and then copying that capture time to other photos taken on the same day. This successfully changes the capture time of all the photos. However...
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    TIFF vs DNG

    I have seen a number of discussions as to the benefits of either TIFF or DNG but am still unclear as to which is most appropriate. I am going to be scanning a large number of slides using SilverFast scanning software to scan and manipulate. Then storing and editing in Lightroom and editing where...