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    Lightroom 5.3 Final Release is now available is the announcement page from the Lightroom team. Enjoy! :cool: Oh, and for the redundant people out there, ACR 8.3 is also available. I do not have the link for that one though....sorry.
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    Lightroom 5 has the wrong Photoshop version as the default edit in version

    Lightroom 5 shows CS3 as being the default version of Photoshop. I have CS5 installed. Lightroom 4.4 still sees CS5 as the default editor. I can choose CS5 as an additional external editor in LR5, but I want it as the default. Any ideas? I have reinstalled LR5 with no change. I have not...
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    Problem with the Recover Edges plugin in LR4.4

    I posted this info on the Photoshop site to report possible bugs etc. Maybe someone here has experience etc with this problem. When I run the Recover Edges plugin from LR4.4, the plugin gives a message "an internal error has occurred:?.0: attempt to compare nil with number". The plugin does...
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    Hi from Germany

    I am new to the forum and thought I should introduce myself. My name is Bryan Conner and I live in Ravensburg, Germany. I am an American (German wife) and have been living here since January, 2010 and love it. Before moving to Germany, I had my own photography business in Mississippi. I shot...