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  1. BobT

    Super Resolution

    I think this was covered before but now that we have Super Resolution in LrC proper, a recap might be good. I was wondering when is the best time in PP to do it? It seems to me logically after cropping but before sharpening might be best. I know, I should experiment myself but it would be a...
  2. BobT

    Retouching with Photoshop

    Many of you have grown up with Ps and find it intuitive, perhaps more so than Lr. I'm the reverse. Lr is a piece of cake fore me but I just can't get my head around Ps. I have an image scanned off an old damaged transparency that I'd like to retouch but it's a bit beyond Lr. I figure I need...
  3. BobT

    View > People

    I never use the face detect feature. I don't need to because I have all people I know keyworded and I wouldn't trust Adobe to pick my friend anyway. However, when filtering, I press "P" to pick and image and occasionally to "U" to unpick. In the process, I often inadvertently hit "O" that...
  4. BobT

    Edit in Ps

    I have Preferences>External Editing>Edit in Adobe Photoshop 2021>File Format set at TIFF yet when I send a DNG to Ps it goes through as a DNG not a TIFF. I don't use it much but my recollection is that it was always converted to a TIFF. Has something changed?
  5. BobT

    Syncronizing Folders

    Just wondering how often people check folder synchronization. Being a bit of a neat freak, I do it fairly regularly. I'm often amazed to find loose imaged that I'm sure I had deleted. Perhaps I hit the wrong button.
  6. BobT

    Can't use Ps any more

    My old clunker of a PC runs Lr 10.2 just fine. It also ran Ps 21.2.6 but wouldn't run anything more recent. That was fine by me, I don't use Ps a lot. There were three Windows updates in April. Since then, I can no longer run Ps 21.2.6 either so now I'm totally Photoshopless despite paying...
  7. BobT

    Creative Cloud Updates

    Just curious. What significance is there in Adobe notifying that the Creative Cloud app has been updated?
  8. BobT

    Adobe Super Resolution

    I understand "Super Resolution" is now available in Camera Raw but not yet in LR. I'm not at all familiar with Camera Raw. Is there an easy way that we can utilise it in Camera Raw for our LR images? Is there a timeline for its availability in LR?
  9. BobT

    Changed metadata

    Occasionally, for no apparent reason, to me at least, I get the message, "Metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?" There is no other obvious application...
  10. BobT

    Sync Paused

    Not a problem, just curious. I import by wire from a card reader. I get a message "Sync Paused". I wonder why? I'm not doing anything in the cloud. I'm not using cloud storage at all except for a few unrelated collections I have synced to a phone app.
  11. BobT

    Large previews folder

    My preview folder has grown to a huge size despite setting 1:1 previews deleted after 30 days. It's causing long backup delays. Looking into the folder, I see there are some previews years old. Is it safe to simply delete them? What is a good maintenance strategy for the previews folder?
  12. BobT

    LR Defaults

    I've been using LR since LR2. Over that time I've changed settings occasionally for reasons I can no longer remember. With every update my settings have been carried over. Some may no longer be appropriate with the latest versions. I'm wary of doing a wholesale reset lest I inadvertently...
  13. BobT


    I haven't used stacking for a while but I seem to recall the stacked image had a little square in the top left showing the number in the stack. Mine now shows just two faint parallel lines either side. Is there a toggle to switch the box on somewhere? I'd like the stacking indicator to be...
  14. BobT


    In my LrC deal (in Australia), I got access to a whole lot of other apps including Ps. That's curious because Ps alone costs more. Is this this just a temporary teaser? Even more curious is that I also got 20GB of storage. Does anyone know what it's for? Does anyone use it and if so how...
  15. BobT

    Adobe plan clarification

    I'm thinking of biting the bullet and upgrade from LR6 to LR Classic however I find Adobe's plans a little confusing. I really want only LR Classic but the only plan they offer seems to include Photoshop, LR and LR Classic + 20GB for $14.29/m. Is that the only way to get LR Classic?
  16. BobT

    LR6 with LR Classic

    Is it possible to use LR6 and LR Classic interchangeably on the same data set? Is so, if edits are written to XMP, will LR Classic read the edits of LR6 and vice versa given that LR6 does not have as much functionality?
  17. BobT

    The mysterious XMP

    Where are the XMP files kept? I had assumed they were somehow "inside" the image file. However, when looking at Catelog Settings>Metadata, there is a check box titled "Automatically write changes to XPM". I have not had this checked for years without an issue. There is also a warning...
  18. BobT

    LR6 to Lightroom Classic

    I'm a long time user of LR6 and its predecessors. I'm thinking it might be time to move to LR Classic. Two questions if I may: Anything I need to watch out for or any hints to make the transition as seamless as possible? I have most images in a date based hierarchy of folders like yyyy >...
  19. BobT

    Converting back from DNG

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): V6.13 Most of my raws I've automatically converted to DNG. Just out of curiosity, within LR is it possible to convert back to the original camera format?
  20. BobT

    Selection of Camera colour profiles in Develop Module

    I have an Olympus E-M1. The camera offers four colour profile settings, muted, natural, portrait and vivid. When importing jpegs, the selected profile in embedded and that's how it's seen in LR. No problem. However, when importing raws, in Develop module>Camera Calibration>Profile: the image...
  21. BobT

    Colour space

    This is a tricky question that comes up from time to time and sometimes even emotive. The consensus seems to be that if in doubt, just use sRGB everywhere and you'll be fine. This is essentially what I do for both raw and jpeg, I export in jpeg and yes, all is fine. However, I'm aware that LR...
  22. BobT

    Cleaning up empty preview folders

    I have preferences set to delete previews after 30 days. Previews are kept in folder Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata. In that folder I have 16 folders labelled /0 to /F containing a total of 16,900 folders. Most but not all of these are empty. Are these empty folders kept for a reason? If...
  23. BobT

    Lightroom CC - cost and bandwidth

    I have avoided moving to LR CC for reasons of cost and the limited bandwidth I have. I have LR standalone on a PC and a laptop. I'd would dearly like to have them both operate on the same catalogue so I tried putting it into OneDrive. The catalogue is 1.9GB so took days to upload from the PC...
  24. BobT

    Olympus in-camera HDR

    I have an Olympus E-M1. It has in-camera HDR mode. If the camera is set to HDR and raw shooting mode, the camera take a number of images at varying EV adjustments then outputs two images, one is the composite HDR as a jpg and the other is a raw with 0EV adjustment, that is to say, the correct...
  25. BobT

    Video editing

    I understand how to trim a video from either end but how does one cut bits out of the middle? If LR can't do it, is there a plugin that can?