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  1. Dan Lit

    Outgoing Mail Server

    I am on a Mac and it doesn't work since the last update...I believe this is a known issue. Forces you to export then mail from outside the LRC program.
  2. Dan Lit

    Lightroom and new M1 macs.

    Running the M1 MacBook Pro with 16 ram 2tb drive...runs flawlessly. Calibrated by external monitor with Spyder 5 pro as well. No issues. Very responsive.. Catalog has 200,000 images.
  3. Dan Lit

    Print module Switching from PC to Mac

    you may want to check out Qimage for Mac, this plugin/standalone simplifies printing a great deal.
  4. Dan Lit

    Nikon Z-series built-in lens profiles

    I find the built in profiles to be terrible.....its a shame not to have control
  5. Dan Lit

    Help with transfer to new computer

    Hey thanks, I appreciate the clarificatio.
  6. Dan Lit

    Help with transfer to new computer

    I appreciate your reply, the faq from LRQ refers to a lcat-shm file I can’t locate...any ideas?
  7. Dan Lit

    Help with transfer to new computer

    The FAQ refers to a file lrcat-shm I cannot seem to locate this. Can anyone provide some guidance?
  8. Dan Lit

    Version 8 loses some B&W conversion options?

    I'm not an overly sensitive guy....but Hitler rant seems like a thoughtless statement.....alot of people including me have very small families because of him.
  9. Dan Lit

    Print module Image size/paper size issue?

    I have all sorts of issues with my canon pro 100 and lightroom when is best to use the plugin for canon in the plugin manager...this seems to eliminate most issues....I have been able to print borderless this way with some trial and error...Frankly as nice as the prints are the...
  10. Dan Lit

    Library module Mystified by the "Syncing 93 images" message

    It may be video...this seems to be a common cause....they never sync it just messages endlessly.
  11. Dan Lit

    Lightroom to Canon Prograph Pro 1000 Problems

    Roger The guy who does these YouTube videos is a printing genius he will know how to fix your problem. Jose Rodriguez
  12. Dan Lit

    Controlling what syncs bw Lightroom Classic and CC on my Ipad

    Jim thanks for the reply, is there then a way to keep snapshots I take on my iPad from ending up in mobile thus preventing the sync to Classic?
  13. Dan Lit

    Controlling what syncs bw Lightroom Classic and CC on my Ipad

    Operating System:mac high sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic So my question is this...I am trying to sync Lightroom Classic with my Lightroom app (now rebranded from mobile to CC) on my iPad without having all the crappy iPad/iPhone photos ending up on...