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    Google Photos plugin obtained from Adobe is not working at all

    Hi there, I have a bunch of photos I decided to archive on Google Photos. Google' own Upload option keeps crashing on Chrome, Chrome Incognito and even on Edge. I contacted their support so they are aware of their issue. I looked for another way and found this program being offered on Adobe...
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    Can't save from Photoshop as a normal jpeg image

    I enhanced a jpg in photoshop so that I could crop in and not lose as much detail Once the dng was in Lightroom I selected Edit in/Photoshop. There I selected the subject onto a new layer then blurred the background I then flattened the image and went to the Save As dialog and found there is no...
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    Managing Collections

    I have lots of old 'collections' and 'smart collections' that I don't need anymore. I don't want to delete the photos ...I just want to delete their presence in a collection and in many cases delete the collection without deleting the photos. I'm finding it very difficult to even get...
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    Having Import problems

    Hi there, I must be doing something incorrectly with respect to importing. I got a new phone, a Samsung S21Ultra, which takes fairly decent photos so I'm using it as my walkaround/backpackaround etc. camera now instead of lugging an SLR. At first I was creating the necessary folder in Windows...
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    Unable to register for the Summit from my laptop. Site totally blocked

    Tried numerous times. I am not having any problems accessing other sites. Even tried via an incognito window and got same result: Even though it appeared to be a warning, I still couldn't get past it to register on my laptop. Finally resorted to using my phone to register and that worked fine...
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    Link in email about the Lightroom Virtual Summit just generates an error message

    I received the email about the Lightroom Summit. When I click the "by clicking here" link for more information I get this: I'm online and my internet is otherwise just fine. I'm not blocked on anything else.
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    New Laptop coming at $2300 expense due to programming issue with LR

    Been having issues with LR crashing my computer when exporting files. It pins the CPU at 100% and then the temperatures of the CPU, GPU and Motheboard all start rising fast to 100 degrees Celsius and above and the laptop crashes totally. It appears this has irrevocably damaged my computer CPU...
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    Published Service question

    I exported a month's worth of old images to bake all the edits and save as smaller jpgs. They are in sub folders for each day. Now I want to delete the originals and move the archived jpgs into the original folders. I had made a Publish Service which kept updating some of those pictures for...
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    Metadata lost on Lightroom 22.1.1 when exporting to different size

    I went to search for recently archived images with certain camera information, only to find that information missing from the archived images. I archive images by making sure all the edits are done, then select them all and do a Ctrl-S to save metadata on all of them, then I select Export with...
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    Oddball file naming on export

    This image will show that with Custom Name - Original File Number selected and a simple set of letters as the Custom text, Lightroom takes a file named DSCF0721misty.jpg and as shown at the bottom of the export panel, Lightroom exports it as " jjl-.jpg", which is absolutely not what I would have...
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    Navigation Panel too large

    Hi there, In Photoshop we can re-size the navigation panel to make more room for layers and adjustments. In Lightroom that panel is huge and takes valuable space away from showing presets, history, etc. I like to have it there to easily navigate around the images I'm editing, but there is...
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    Yet another bug ...LR will not overwrite on Export

    Happy New Year everyone. Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but have to report this: After editing a folder of images, if I am satisfied I want to save the images as JPEGS, overwriting the originals. That way it is easier to use them in other applications. I have an export preset for this...
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    Number recognition

    Since LR can detect and remember faces, would there be a way to get it to substitute numbers for faces and get LR to do number recognition? For sports shooters this would be a godsend! I'm almost thinking of taking some group photos and putting numbers where the heads are to see if LR would pick...
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    Creative Cloud wiped out my Adobe programs

    I sure don't get this. I opened Creative Cloud this morning and noticed that I had two versions of Photoshop and Bridge installed, so while in Creative Cloud, I deleted the OLD versions and it then reported my Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge were all up to date. Then I closed out of Creative...
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    What is causing this.

    Hope to get some insight into this. I have jpeg images that I: 1) imported and smart previews were built for them 2) cropped them, and adjusted white balance and tone 3) exported to Photoshop and performed several functions on them in that 4) saved them as jpegs, overwriting the originals...
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    Editing Metadata

    Hi there, I digitize many thousands of slides and would like the metadata to include the make, model and lens used for them in the metadata. I've been doing it in keywording which is OK but it would be nice if there was possible to do it in the metadata. I often edit the time to the year and...
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    Is Auto White Balance pushing things too far?

    I've been using Auto White Balance on many photos recently in order to get a better starting point. My Nikon D7200 seems to record a bit too low in daylight but I leave it on Auto due to a wide variety of lighting conditions. Here's an example of where the original is a little blue (to my eye...
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    png's in Lightroom

    So I created some .png files in Photoshop and saved them to my hard drive. Next I imported them into Lightroom and I can see them there fine. Now I want to open them in Photoshop again, but all my "Edit in" options are greyed out: Why is that? The problem is that if I open directly from my hard...
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    Importing presets in a folder

    Adobe has been manipulating my files trying to get LR and PS to work properly and in the process lost all my LR presets. I found them in AppData\Roaming\Adpbe\Lightroom\Develop Presets. There are a bunch of individual presets which I was able to get LR to recognize, but there are also about 75...
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    Barrel Distortion

    I used a mild fisheye lens yesterday and just tried to edit the photos in LR (latest release). As I recall, when I last used that lens a few years ago there was a slider in LR that adjusted Barrel Distortion but I don't see such a slider now, so there is no way of removing the barrel...
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    Export won't overwrite

    I changed the capture date on some images in Lightroom and want to export them to their home folder, overwriting the existing files, so I set the export accordingly: Instead of Exporting the files so they would be in the same location but with the capture dates I want, I get this message...
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    Getting splash screen twice

    LR seems to open fine then the whole screen flashes and another splash screen emerges, then dissolves and after that the program is open. Why the double dribble?
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    Plethora of Lightroom Files

    Hi there, I have been cleaning up my drives and noticed I have a bundle of Lightroom files and am not sure I should be keeping all of them, The attached photo will illustrate what I mean. I only use one catalog and it is the 4-2 version so I'm wondering if the -2 and -5 versions should be...
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    Email not working in 9.2.1

    Google is preventing images being sent by email through LR again. Why can't Adobe sort out this stuff before releasing updates? It's happened before and last time I simply responded to Google's email notification saying "Yes was me" and after that it worked. This time it doesn't...
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    LR Import Dialog offers to create new folder but won't do it.

    How does this happen? I am trying to import into a new folder entitled 2020 and within that by date 20200109 The import dialog offers the ability to create a folder: Yet when I navigate there and try to create it ...LR tells me the path doesn't exist despite the navigation to it having taken...