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  1. ST-EOS

    Issues signing in to the forum

    Is anybody else experiencing log in errors when trying to log in to the forum. Currently I'm able to access the forum using Tapatalk on my IOS devices. However when I attempt to log in on my PC/laptop I get an error message telling me that "Either the email or password I entered is invalid"...
  2. ST-EOS

    LR Classic Error when trying to add an image to a collection

    This issue has only just started, when I try to add an image to my current target collection, this error report is generated (see attached screen grab). However I have earlier today added images to the same collection (using the "B" keystroke) without any problem. I have closed both LR and my PC...
  3. ST-EOS

    Missing Lens Support in LR Classic

    This may be a silly question but here goes! When I use a Canon 300mm L f4 lens combined with a Canon 1.4 Extender on importing the RAW files to LR Classic Lightroom is aware that the lens and extender have been used. However when I try to add the lens correction LR doesn't seem to locate a...
  4. ST-EOS

    Updated Icons not sticking!

    Has anyone else noticed that the new Desktop Icons (Shortcuts to the applications) are not showing the latest style/colour. On my PC I can see via the Creative Cloud Application that I have the latest versions. However the desktop Icons are showing as the previous incarnations. I have tried to...
  5. ST-EOS

    Adobe Sign in

    When I power on my PC, I'm being prompted to sign in to my Adobe account. I have done so each time I see the request,. These requests seem to be much more frequent now (three times since 31st August) When prompted I Sign in using my email address and password which then generates a second...
  6. ST-EOS

    Can you force a Publish Service (Flickr) to synchronise

    I have a Flickr Publish service in my LR Classic. However the number of images in my Flickr Photostream is less than that showing in the Flickr Publish service in LR Classic ( 659 versus 790 respectively). I suspect that I may have created the issue by deleting images directly from my Flickr...
  7. ST-EOS

    LR to PS image to fill screen?

    Hi everyone When I chose to take an image from Lightroom (CC Clasic) in to Photoshop CC it never opens to fill the screen. I then use CTRL & 0 to fill the screen with the image. Is there a way to have the image open to fill the screen without my use of Ctrl & 0?
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    Switching from Windows PC to an iMac?

    Hello All I'm considering the purchase of an iMac to use for LR and PS, using my existing Creative Cloud account. But I have a couple of concerns that hopefully someone on here will be able to advise me on. My current image storage is on multiple HDD some internal (two x 5TB) with a 5TB...
  9. ST-EOS

    Plug-In Extras?

    Operating System:Win 10 64bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] This may be a silly question, but I'm confused. My confusion relates to the number of locations within drop down menus where I can find Plug-ins Extras. My confusion started when I was carrying out...
  10. ST-EOS

    Windows 10 Storage Spaces

    Has anyone any experience of using "Storage Spaces" on a Win10 PC? I was wondering if I could use this to simplify my digital image backup method. Currently I use Free File Synch to back up across both internal and external (USB3) disks. I had previously considered setting up Raid but never got...
  11. ST-EOS

    Transparency issues when creating a book

    Operating System: Operating system: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version:-Lightroom Classic version: 7.0 [ 1140024 ] License: Creative Cloud I'm currently creating a book which has 240 pages. However when I tried to upload it to Blurb (prior to the Lightroom Classic upgrade) I received a message...
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    Spammers on the forum

    Dear moderators of LRF, I’m seeing a lot of spam this morning from new users “djdfdfjykg” being one of them. Sent from somewhere in Gods County using Tapatalk
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    Missing folder in current catalog

    I think I may have inadvertently deleted a folder during some historic hard disk rearranging. I know the approximate date of the images it contained as my wife has a entry ticket for the event that the missing (presumed deleted) folder. In my current catalog year 2009 exists and contains folders...
  14. ST-EOS

    CC2017 problems using NIK plugins

    I upgraded to Photoshop CC2017 yesterday. Today when editing an image in PSCC2017 having opened the image from LR 2015.7 I now can't seem to get the NIK plugins to work. The NIK suite is still showing in the Filters menu but whilst the chosen plugin opens and seems to work a new layer isn't...
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    Tapatalk (version 6.1.3)

    I'm experiencing log in issue to this forum via my mobile devices that are both running this application. I do use the Tapatalk application for access to other forum none of which give me a log in fail. Has anyone any suggestions. The attachment show the error message I see, quite why it...
  16. ST-EOS

    LRCC not visible in Win7 Autoplay

    This has been niggling me since I moved from my perpetual licence version of Light Room. When I look in the Auto Play entries I can see all of the perpetual licensed versions of LR (3 through to 5)that are still on my PC plus the drop down option shown in the attached image. Is it possible to...
  17. ST-EOS

    Local Dehaze missing (Windows)

    Having watched a video on YouTube and reading about the new functionality in LR 2015-2 which show/ describe the Dehaze being available when you are in the develop module. I understand that this local Dehaze is only available to CC subscribers. However having installed the update yesterday I do...
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    LR to PSCC and back

    I have only recently subscribed to the photographers package, one or two issues are bothering me and I hope that there may be some help on these from the forum members. Firstly I noticed that the save for web option is now notated as legacy and from my internet searches it seems Adobe do not...
  19. ST-EOS


    Hello all, I've only recently subscribed to Lightroom CC. Having watched a video tutorial by Julianne Kost describing how to use the photo merge I decided to try out the tool. However having tried using various selections of Raw files (which I have previously successfully merged to Pano in PS) I...
  20. ST-EOS

    Smart Collection help please

    I have created a smart collection that brings together all images flagged for rejection which are scattered across my image storage. I saw an article on this approach online and thought it could be useful hence my creation of this smart collection. However whilst the on line article described...
  21. ST-EOS

    LR 5.5 Book problem

    I have spent some time sorting images for a book I intend to send to Blurb for printing. I commenced the book in LR 5.4, then upgraded to 5.5. Today I continued the compilation of my book, changing page layouts, adding images etc. When I decided to finish working on the book this evening I...
  22. ST-EOS

    Deleting images, something has changed

    OK I'm confused but it is early morning here. I'm sure that when I'm reviewing images to determine which to retain for processing, which to retain as undecided what to do with them (yet) i.e. a holding state, which are obvious images to delete. When I marked (flagged?) images for deletion then...
  23. ST-EOS

    I'm stupid !

    Well not really; I would say that wouldn't I But I do have a problem that I hope you can help me with. We have recently returned to the UK having been to New Zealand and Australia; whilst in the Southern Hemisphere I changed the time zone on my camera. Today was the first time I have used my...
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    How to size images for creating a Book

    This may be a stupid question but here goes. If I was preparing to create a book for export to Blurb for printing. Lets say I choose a landscape 8 by 10 book layout, using the one photo per page layout. 1) Should I resize to 8 by 10 and sharpen my chosen images from within my book collection...
  25. ST-EOS

    LR5.2.Installation woes

    It's me again with yet more stupid questions regarding upgrading from LR4.4 to LR5.2. I'm now having a problem which is puzzling (read frustrating) me. I have for the second time downloaded and installed the LR5.2 upgrade package from My Adobe. I used Control Panel to delete the first LR5.2...