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    Raw from Lr to Ps

    Not sure what I am missing but at one time I seem to recall that all raw files when transferred from Lr to Ps opened in the ACR filter. This does not now appear to be the case? Not here anyway!
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    Before and After "\" key

    I have reset an image, so no adjustments are recorded, yet when I click on the \ in develop there is a difference between before and after. What am I missing? I would have expected them to be the same.
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    Enhanced Detail

    I suspect this has been asked before but I could not find it! Enhanced Detail, when and how should it be used in the editing flow (I shoot Fuji X)? My understanding is that it stood be used before any sharpening/noise reduction so the Lr defaults in this regard should be set to zero. But what...
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    Cannot Import image

    I have an image in an Adobe LrCC folder that has not been imported. I run sync on the folder via Lr and the image does not show up. The file is there and not broken as I can open it in Ps. What is strange is that the import dialogue that comes up during sync says there are two images but only 1...
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    I have a series of images from a holiday in Coverack, Cornwall. One of my keywords is therefore "Coverack Holiday". Various trips out were undertaken during that holiday - some spent in Coverack itself and they have the keyword "Coverack". Other places visited have their name in the keywords -...
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    Have some plugins showing in Lr's Plugin Manager (and therefore showing up in under the Plugin Extras menu in Lr) that I want to remove. But how? The "remove" button in the Plugin Manager is greyed out and the plugins do not show in Lr's Preferences/External Editing. Any ideas please? Am...
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    External SSD

    Have just been given an external SSD for my iMac. At present everything to do with LrC is on my internal Fusion drive. Would there be any advantages in moving some things to the SSD? Maybe all images, the cache, catalogue etc. Performance of Lr is not too bad actually but if I can speed it up a...
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    Opening raw Image in Ps

    In the past, when I opened a raw file in Ps via Lr it opened in the ACR window within Ps. Now when I open it just opens as a base layer in Ps. What has changed or am I missing something? Happened with nef and rad files.
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    Colour Space

    Running an iMac 4k and wonder what colour space I should assign to the screen? There is iMac, iMac Callibrated plus Adobe RGB (1998), Prophoto RGB and several others available. By default "iMac" is set but I wonder if I should change this to ProPhoto or Adobe RGB (1998). Have Googled but can...
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    LrC Instability

    Since the upgrade to 10.1 LrC does not seem as stable. Most of the time it is fine but every now and again I click on something - say to close the gradient tool - and I get the dreaded spinning beach ball. It does not clear and I have to force quit, except this time even that failed and I had to...
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    Since updating to LrC 10.1 export seems to have gone strange. Every time I export an image I get two versions. During the export process it says exporting 2 images but I have not requested that. Below is a screenshot of my export dialogue and the result. If you look at the preset you will see it...
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    Batch editing

    Not sure if I am missing something. I select a couple of images and enter info in the metadata (keywords, title, copyright etc) but only one image file gets updated, the first one selected. Is this expected behaviour or am I missing the blindingly obvious?
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    20% Off

    See that Adobe are offering 20% off for new subscribers. This really annoys me. I, like many others, have been a loyal Adobe customer for years but we get nothing. It seems our loyalty might be misplaced - certainly Adobe do not reward it. Maybe it is time to think again. There are viable...
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    Lr and Cloud Storage

    Each update I get closer and closer to using the cloud. I love the interface and the general feel of things and I do not mind round tripping to Ps for some of my editing needs. It is however the Ps round trip that concerns me. Currently I have to use it for tasks that are available within...
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    Many suggest that the best way to manage images in Lr is via Collections. I can certainly see how that could be the case so decided to give it a try. Seems to me that the approach is ok until such the as one edits via a plugin. The tiff (as an example) that is round tripped is shown in the...
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    Library Filter

    I have a collection called: Sept-2019 Sussex. It only has images from one date in there. The date is the 8 Sept. When I open up the Library Filter bar it correctly reports a date of 8th - Sunday ( 8th Sept 2019 = Sunday) with a total of 29 images. However it also reports a date of 26- Sunday...
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    LR updates are available.
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    Adjustment Brush

    I edit with the adjustment brush and then collapse the panel. This gives me a single slider with which I can increase/reduce the overall effect? if the answer is yes it is not working for me; moving the slider makes no discernible difference. Should mention the is when using texture and...
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    Syncing Collections - Classic to Cloudy

    Have a couple of collections in Classic that I sync to Cloudy. I updated a collection yesterday by adding one raf file to Classic and it is still not showing in Cloudy. Classic seems to be stuck "syncing one photo". Any ideas? Thanks
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    Lag when switching from Develop to Library view

    The title says it all and it is not with all images, but it is taking up to 7 seconds in the extreme for some to become sharp on screen. Have upped cache and tried turning off GPU acceleration to no avail. Never had this in previous version? Seems to happen after editing but now and again the...
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    Lr CC

    I rather like the "new" Lr and am leaning more towards the cloud these days. What is sadly missing is the ability to use plugins. Still, I thought it can at least be worked around by going via Ps (not helpful if you do not have Ps). I tried and these are my initial findings upon which helpful...
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    Lr Classic v 9

    Just wondering, is this latest Lr upgrade worthy of the jump to version 9? For the first time I am starting to wonder if the subscription is really worth it. Had his been a traditional license I would probably have skipped this release. Or am I missing something? It has been known :)
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    Import Source Window

    When I import and go to Select a Source the Source List has 3 instances of Macintosh HD? I have never noticed that before. I am running the latest Lr Classic on Catalina. All help appreciated Colin
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    X - Trans

    about-those-worm-artifacts-and-fuji-x-trans I read articles telling me that Lr is now ok with Fuji RAF files and then find this saying "oh no not is not". Is there still an issue - certainly I have not seen it on my edits but maybe I'm just lucky
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    Metadata - "Label" field.

    Typically, what do people use the above metadata field for? I cannot see that you can search on that field although the contents show in a dropdown in the Metadata filter.