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  1. Ian.B

    copy / move one keyword hierarchy to another Cat.

    One hierarchy with a long list of keywords and around 2.8 k of images disappeared --- NO WAY would I have done anything apart from maybe :whistling: deleting it by mistake :eek: I could use the second last backup and redo the work done sorting out LOTS of files/folders/keywords in the last 12...
  2. Ian.B

    copy one hierarchy to another catalog

    Yep; I broke it again . With a new PC I thought it a good time to sort out /reduce the keywords and while it has been going well I have a problem now of missing one repaired/sorted Hierarchy + keywords --- don't ask how as I have no idea ; naturally it has to be adobe's fault :sneaky: ...
  3. Ian.B

    require Lr5 Disc two

    Where and how can I get Lr5 disc 2; or download Lr5? I have disc one and the Lr4 + Lr5 numbers needed. Is it possible to move Lr5 from old laptop to shiny new Pc Do you have a link to abode ? They make it soooo complicated and confusing ! Your help will be greatly appreciated -- if you are in...
  4. Ian.B

    Lr 5 switching too custom order

    G'day; it's been awhile so my old faithful Lr5 must be behaving. So glad I had it and didn't think I needed Lr6 or beyond I usually set 'sort' to File name mostly, however Lr is switching to custom order or added order -- usually happens when I send a file to an external editor like Affinity...
  5. Ian.B

    Lightroom only subscription

    G'day; it's been awhile . I was getting a bit left behind with my old faithful lr5 which basically does what I need. But the question is; has there been any mention / thought that Adobe would have a lightroom only subscription as some stage . I don't need Ps or the Cloud part. Not even sure I...
  6. Ian.B

    Converting raw files to DNG

    G'day; long time no chat! I'm still snapping away at mostly unimportant subjects for something to do --- still using Lr5 mostly; On1'18 (sometimes :() and Affinity :) has replaced Elements 12. Not sure where to post this old -- antique:) -- Lr5 stuff so you are welcome to move or remove...
  7. Ian.B

    Ext drives show up twice

    Win 10 Not a Lr question; however, can someone explain why there are always two "copies" of the ext drive in Windows 10. I get the same no matter which Ext drive is connected Does not show like this Lr or On1. And the important question; is there a fix? Thanks again
  8. Ian.B

    Pse12 layers collage

    can it be done in pse ?? when I open a blank page at 30x20 x 240pdi and drag photos from the photo bin onto the blank canvas the photo jump to the size of the canvas even if the photo is only 5x4" x 240. is there away the pasted photos will show in their actual size -- I usually export the...
  9. Ian.B

    more 'puter dramas

    I'm using my asus --- while the acer is at the doctors again -- and the asus cannot show the ext h/drives even though I get the audio the drivers have been connected any tips to fix? the ext h/drives and stick have been used on the 'puter before. Also seems to be a problem with the card reader...
  10. Ian.B

    deleting old keywords from hard drive

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Win 10 sorry; another i may have asked here before On1 is picking up ALL old unused, deleted from Lr keywords; even some I have not seen for years Is there a way to safely remove keywords from the hard drive? Cheers
  11. Ian.B

    Lr usability if subs not paid

    sorry; I sure this has been asked/answered before (many times) Can CC users still have access to their Lr library if they stop paying the monthly subs? How usable will it be -- just for old files or can more files be added? I have suggested a few times that long time users who don't want the...
  12. Ian.B

    sitting back with a BIG smile

    I do have rather a smug smile on my face after looking at ALL the thread headings about the 'new' Lr. Abode do seem to be good a causing worry and confusion. While you can; Lr6 maybe a good investment for some As I have said often; there are no regrets not going past lr5.7; bit of an age thing...
  13. Ian.B

    LR5 onto dvd/back up

    Is there a way or tricks to put my Lr5 onto some sort of back up? I don't have any need to be upgrading Lr as what I have suits me fine; however I would like to know I still have Lr5 if/when I get a new computer --- I'm not sure adobe will make downloading all the easy as I believe it's not an...
  14. Ian.B

    Updates? managing "export" setting of many keywords

    any up dates to doing this --- bulk changing "keyword tag options" thanks for thinking about it. edit: is there way to count the keywords?
  15. Ian.B

    PSD files shacked to the right

    sometime ago I asked for a way to have files edited in PS to be stacked to the right of the original raw file as are the virtual copies --- just seem easier to me and for me; however I am a little dyslexic . The way I'm that does work is setting LR to add "-1" to the file name --- so my new...
  16. Ian.B

    1:1 built previews

    this is not a new drama. Oly em1 16 mb raw files my previews are built 1:1 at import with the idea they can be viewed 1:1 instantly; and it works OK However; files I imported the day before will still take around 10 seconds to load for 1/1 viewing -- even 'to fit' will take around 4 seconds...
  17. Ian.B

    where are the keywords hiding?

    I have been fiddling with ON1 raw. It's good, more like great for editing but a LONG way behind LR as a photo library. ON1 uses a single list for keywords so when a file is sent to ON1 for editing it returns any hierarchy keywords as a single list --- yeah big real quick mess maker lol. And no...
  18. Ian.B

    turn off auto mask

    Adjustment brush auto mask it was when I looked very closely before posting on FB that I really noticed lots of tiny white dots in the darker parts of the file Took some back tracking to work out that I had left the adjustment brush auto mask on after brushing around the tree --- yeah; dumb...
  19. Ian.B

    macphun (editing)>> windows (??)

    bit off the LR topic -- should we be getting excited or should programmers at ON1 and the likes be panicking ? . Panic or Picnic for adobe ?? Celebrate: Macphun photo editors are coming to #Windows
  20. Ian.B

    cannot find thread

    there was a thread; I think it was here (??) about finding recently edited photos in LR I have feeling it was sort of in the wrong section (??) but I have no idea how the thread was named or if I actually replied to it if someone remembers it would be good --- not overly important --- just...
  21. Ian.B

    I have to share this one

    and I worry about my typing/spelling/grammar !! What a joke!! -- maybe time for schools of all levels to get back to the 3 Rs basics 'Cedntrelink' says sorry for error-riddled letter [Centrelink is the Australian Government welfare mob ]
  22. Ian.B

    re-visiting "over write setting" or "import setting from disc"

    Question on behalf of others too I'm sure one of those things I don't really understand; but along the way I have been told/worked out/learnt/guessed to click "over write setting" . Now I'm using ON1 more I'm getting more files with the little square Am I right to click "over write setting"...
  23. Ian.B

    Win10 -- missing start menu :(

    as per heading; hope I have the name right -- was having a few dramas so turned the acer lappy off and on --- the start menu didn't open so I don't have any icons (lR/chrome/ON1/ ... ) at the bottom, or in my case on the left hand side in orange below Done some googling --- all confusing to me...
  24. Ian.B

    fix that keyword mess

    Thanks for the thread idea Digital Finger I would guess there are lots (ofus) who "didn't get it right at the beginning" and while there countless keywording ways on the www; some ideas and thoughts on how to tidy up the mess could be helpful 'didn't get it right at the beginning' is not...
  25. Ian.B

    save metadata to file

    looking for some clarification about save metadata to file true or false dng/raw edited file -- if I save metadata to file the original file on the hard drive doesn't actually change but a side car is added . jpg file --- save metadata to file will actually change the file on the hard drive...