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  1. Hal P Anderson

    New app that claims it will migrate from Aperture to Lightroom It evidently uses AI to try to match LR sliders to edits made in Aperture. It also moves the easy stuff across. It isn't what I'd call cheap. 59 Euros. I have no Mac, and haven't tried it, but there's a trial version that will transfer 100 images.
  2. Hal P Anderson

    Quicktime for Windows has been deprecated

    See: Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows; New Vulnerabilities Announced I don't know what formats LR needs Quicktime for, but it evidently needs it for some of them: So we've got a conundrum: do we use a piece of software with known vulnerabilities, or do we have video files that we...
  3. Hal P Anderson

    Has anybody been able to tether a Nikon under Win 10 with CC 2015.4?

    I've been seeing the odd post from Windows 10 users that use various Nikons claiming that they are getting "No Camera Detected" when trying to tether. No solutions were posted in any of the threads. I tried tethering my D300, and persistently get the same error. Windows 10 sees the camera. I...
  4. Hal P Anderson

    Does an & cause that 403 error?

    This is a test.
  5. Hal P Anderson

    Perfect Effects 8 for free

    I don't know how useful this app is, but until 28 January, 2014, the price is right. :)