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  1. theturninggate

    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    BACKLIGHT allows photographers to create a website in mere minutes, then to be publishing image galleries via Lightroom's Publish Services immediately. Literally, go from install to images in minutes. Backlight is created by The Turning Gate (TTG), creators of Lightroom's most popular and...
  2. theturninggate

    TTG Cart CE -- Shopping Cart System for Lightroom -- Released!

    JUNE 7, 2011, LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Turning Gate has released TTG Cart CE, its new shopping cart system for Adobe Lightroom. Until now there have been shopping cart galleries, but TTG Cart CE marks the first Lightroom-centric shopping cart system. A single, central cart installation serves...
  3. theturninggate

    Moving catalogs between Mac & Windows

    I may be taking on a Lightroom consulting job with a client that would require development of a large catalog that would need to be accessible on both Mac and Windows-based systems. I have some ideas about how this will have to work, but wanted to put out a call for any general advice on the...
  4. theturninggate

    Lightroom $169.99 on Amazon

    Amazon is running a deal on Lightroom presently, $169.99 marked down from $299.''. Significant savings! If you've been trolling the forum but haven't yet taken the plunge, or if you're a Lightroom user that's been trying to push your friends over the fence, now is the time. Seems to be a limited...
  5. theturninggate

    Persistent White-Balance Picker?

    You'd think I'd know everything about Lightroom by now, just it just ain't so. File this question under anal-retentive, but you know how the White-Balance picker lets you click once, then switches off? Is there some way to prevent it doing that, so that it remains active through multiple clicks...
  6. theturninggate

    Web gallery installation location for Windows 7

    Does anyone know the location web engines should be installed to on Windows 7? I'd like to update my documentation with the correct path, but don't know where the Web Galleries folder should be located, as I am not a Windows user. Thanks, Matt
  7. theturninggate

    TTG Pages, Lightroom web plugin

    For anyone who missed the announcement on my website, or on ... TTG Pages 3.' is now available for Lightroom's Web module. TTG Pages is not an image gallery. TTG Pages is website construction tool, used to create a home in which your galleries can thrive. It creates a Home...
  8. theturninggate

    TTG Highslide Gallery Pro w/ Shopping Cart

    I am happy to announce the release of TTG Highslide Gallery Pro! TTG Highslide Gallery Pro succeeds TTG Highslide Gallery, bringing all of its predecessors features back to the table and then some. In addition to the regular feature set, the Pro version offers two options for online shopping...
  9. theturninggate

    TTG Highslide Gallery released

    Hello, hello! I am happy to announce the release of TTG Highslide Gallery, my latest project for Lightroom's Web module and my best work to-date. TTG Highslide Gallery represents the next step in the evolution of Lightroom web engines from The Turning Gate. It’s more flexible and more robust...
  10. theturninggate

    Tethering 5D Mark II - Cable suggestions?

    I'm looking to tether my 5D Mark II. Does anyone have suggestions for cables? I'll be tethering to Capture One 4.7. Will any USB do the job? Should I look into active USB cables, or firewire converters? Thanks, Matt
  11. theturninggate

    Alien "Crop" Circles?

    I don't know what this is or where it came from. I've been using Lightroom since before 1.', and I've never seen anything like it, or even seen it mentioned. It's only visible in the Crop view. Does anyone know what that swirl is?
  12. theturninggate


    Moire sucks. Sucks big. I'm sitting on a pile of client images with some serious moire happening in the shirt, the shirt being THE shirt for the shoot (meaning that shooting in another outfit is a non-option). So, the question: are there any good demoire tools out presently?
  13. theturninggate

    TTG iPhone Portfolio

    Happy New Year, my fellow Lightroomers! On this, the first day of 2''9, I'm very pleased to announce the release of a new template from The Turning Gate, TTG iPhone Portfolio. Because of their small screens, unique input methods and functional differences, mobile devices demand a new paradigm...
  14. theturninggate

    Opening .lrwebengine files

    I remain almost entirely ignorant of the Windows operating system. This is wholly intentional, but occasionally inconvenient. On a Mac, a user can right-click a .lrwebengine file and Show Package Contents to get inside it. How does one accomplish this on Windows?
  15. theturninggate

    Eye in a can of peaches; photographer?

    Does anyone know the name of the photographer that did the shot of the eyeball in a can of peaches?
  16. theturninggate

    Fixing script errors in LR/Windows Web module

    As long as I've been developing web engines for Lightroom's Web module, Windows users have complained of script error pop-ups. User Jacob Decker has recently found a solution for the problem, and I've posted it as a troubleshooting article on my website. The article is here, reproduced below...
  17. theturninggate

    The Turning Gate

    Hi folks, I was today contacted by my hosting provider and informed that this website is greatly exceeding its allotted resources. They've provided the below graph: The graph represents The Turning Gate's CPU usage over the past week, compared to the normal CPU usage of your average website...
  18. theturninggate

    TTG Client Response Gallery 2.0

    TTG Client Response Gallery 2.' (Final) is available now from The Turning Gate. TTG Client Response Gallery exists to facilitate the exchange of information between photographers and their clients, and requires Lightroom 2.x or greater. The gallery employs's FormToEmail PHP...
  19. theturninggate

    Google / Yahoo to search inside Flash

    I'm surprised Nack hasn't had a few words on this yes, but there's an article on MacWorld today about how Google and Yahoo search engines will soon be able to index and search through content in Flash SWF files. This could be excellent stuff for photographers choosing to display their work in...
  20. theturninggate

    TTG FlashNifties Gallery

    TTG FlashNifties Gallery 1.2 is now available. This is a general maintenance release, but highly recommended nonetheless. Also, the HTML version of the gallery has been discontinued in favor of using the Flash gallery with TTG Stage (also updated today to support the FlashNifties gallery)...
  21. theturninggate

    Firefox 3 + LR Web galleries = Fantastic!

    Firefox 3 is out now! I've just updated, and I'm loving it. The first thing I did was run it over a few TTG gallery templates. I'm happy to report two important pieces of information: 1) The speed increases hold up to the talk; galleries load blazing fast! 2) The flickering problem that...
  22. theturninggate

    TTG Smooth Gallery

    TTG Smooth Gallery is an HTML-based template for Adobe Lightroom that employs Jon Schemoul's SmoothGallery in lieu of the standard thumbnail grid. Based upon the MooTools Javascript framework, SmoothGallery offers a Flash-like experience without the Flash. TTG Smooth Gallery is now at version...
  23. theturninggate

    TTG Mal's E-Commerce Gallery BETA

    I've constructed a LR Web module template around Mal's E-Commerce, to which I was directed by resident forum superstar Victoria Bampton. The service is free and seemingly template-friendly in implementation. It also offers a plethora of payment options, including PayPal and many others. I'm now...
  24. theturninggate

    TTG PostcardViewer Gallery

    TTG PostcardViewer Gallery has been updated to version 1.4. This release updates the gallery to use the new PostcardViewer 1.2, with support for image captions and the opening of images via right-click menu (can be disabled). For a full list of changes to PostcardViewer 1.2, see here. TTG...
  25. theturninggate

    TTG Stage

    TTG Stage 1.' is released. SimpleViewer, AutoViewer, SlideShow Pro, MonoSlideshow and more. A plethora of fantastic flash photo galleries, and all sharing a common problem. THEY’RE NAKED! TTG Stage provides the dressing: a page template featuring the TTG standard header and menu, auto index...