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  1. mcasan

    Moving to Universal apps on MacOS

    It was nice to see Photoshop and ACR move to native mode Apple Silicon by becoming "Universal" apps. PS was definitely faster on my M1 Mini. With PS, ACR, and Lr all moved to native mode, we are just waiting for the move of LrC to Universal status. Hopefully that will also give a...
  2. mcasan

    CR 13.2

    This release lets us reorder the edit panel to match the order in which the functions execute. Calibration was listed is the first. Profile was at the top and it is actually one of the last to execute.
  3. mcasan

    Wishing all a Safe and Prosperous 2021!!!

    Play safe.
  4. mcasan

    Season's Greetings

    Wishing all a Blessed and Merry Christmas plus a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mcasan

    ProRaw Support

    Today Apple released updates for MacOS, IOS, and iPadOS that include the ability for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max units to capture images in the new ProRaw format. Apple's Photos app was updated to handle that format. So that begs the question, when will we see PR support ProRaw? Hopefully in...
  6. mcasan

    Lr updated for Apple Silicon

    Anyone running a M1 MacBook or Mini that has updated their Lr app to the latest version which is updated for Apple Silicon? If so, any noticeable changes such as speed?
  7. mcasan

    LR updated for Apple Silicon released today (Dec 8)

    Today Adobe updated the photo ecosystem and that included the update for Lr to native Apple Silicon support. The updates of LrC and Ps are not released yet. There is a beta of Ps available through the Creative Cloud app. As an old LrC junkie, I have not loaded Lr. I am curious if anyone...
  8. mcasan

    In a photo app far, far away.....

    The main new feature in their 21 Beta is....drum roll please.....Dehaze. Seriously. :whistling: We got that in Lr....5 years ago?
  9. mcasan

    Big Sur photo apps impact

    MacOS 11 Big Sur finally rolled out today. Once downloaded (around 15 minutes) it took around 30 minutes to install, doing several restarts along the way. No noticeable impacts on LrC, Ps, Photo Raw or other photo apps. Machine in question is a 2017 iMac with quad 4.2 CPU and 580 GPU...
  10. mcasan

    Sky replacement apps/features

    If you use PS, you can have the Sky Filter make a mask of the sky (background). Duplicate the layer and invert the mask to have a separate foreground layer. Then edit each separately as needed.
  11. mcasan

    Apple ProRaw format support

    I wonder how long before Adobe and other software houses will support the new Apple ProRaw format in iPhone 12? With Apple delivering the cameras starting in November, you know there will be a ton of holiday shots made with that format. It will be interesting to see what LrC and CR can do...
  12. mcasan

    LrC & Ps porting to ARM and x86 for Big Sur

    I sure hope Adobe is porting LrC and Ps to both ARM and x86 on Big Sur. One app version for both platforms would be great. Apple said they were working with Adobe, but no details. Lets hope for the best for the fall releases.
  13. mcasan

    Olympus sells off imaging business

    June 24, 2020: "Today the Olympus Imaging Business has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. (JIP). According to the MOU, both companies are entering into further discussions about the potential transfer of Olympus’ long-standing imaging business to JIP...
  14. mcasan

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 III support

    Oly is shipping the bodies. I fired up mine this evening. The good news is that Lr Classic and PS can import and edit the standard raw files. I have not yet tried either the 50MP handheld high res raw file or a 80MP tripod high res file. So it is possible a dot release may be needed...
  15. mcasan

    small, medium, large structure/texture object contrast

    There are many 3rd party tools that will let you adjust the contrast on "small, medium, or large" objects. Does anyone know a way in Ps to do likewise without the use of a 3rd party tool? Blend-if would do a good job if were talking about separation by luminance or color ranges. But...
  16. mcasan

    Thank goodness for Time Machine

    I run Time Machine 24/7. I installed an app that is plugins for Lr and Ps. When I opened Lr, I got permissions errors reported by Lr. Never had that happen before. The app vendor was zero help. Duh. I restored /Library/Application Support folder from the day before the app...
  17. mcasan

    Evolving storage hardware

    The Lr Classic 8.4 update had me thinking of ways to speed up my 2017 iMac. I had already done a total reinstall of MacOS a few weeks ago. Then I replaced the standard 2400MHz memory with 32GB of 2666MHz which the iMac has recognized and used without problem. I set the LR Preferences to use the...
  18. mcasan

    2017 iMAC i7 4.2GHz main memory

    When I ordered our iMacs back in 2017 they had only 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory. I added 16GB more memory to save several dollar. So that was 24GB of 2400MHZ memory. Today I replaced the 4 modules with 2 new ones that are together 32GB of 2667MHz DDR4. Nice to have a bit more memory and...
  19. mcasan

    64-bit Drama

    In another parrish, someone was warning all the perpetual license Lr owners to NOT update to Catalina MacOS next month. The motivation is that Catalina is a 64-bit OS that will not accept old 32-bit apps. Apple has warned developers and users for several years that the move was coming...
  20. mcasan

    Adobe releases Lr Classic 8.4

    I think it was around midnight last night I noticed the Creative Cloud did an update followed by Lr Classic, Ps and Acr. It will be interesting to watch reports and Youtube videos from early adaptors of 8.4 about how much the GPU usage by Lr will speed up file imports with 1:1 preview...
  21. mcasan

    OS Reinstall improved performance

    It has been many years since I did my first MacOS install. Lots of MacOS versions and photography apps have come and gone. Despite using AppCleaner to “completely” remove all the files an app can litter about in the file system, detritus does pile up in a computer just like in our attics and...
  22. mcasan

    Skylum announced Luminar 4 Suggest reading customer comments on this topic in the "News & Updates" section of the Skylum Community. Topics – Skylum Community
  23. mcasan

    Getting ready for Catalina

    Folks on Macs may want to start checking their current machines to see if there are any 32 bit apps hidden away. Besides old games, you could have 32 bit apps in driver sets for printers, scanners, external devices like WD passports, and definitely in Adobe products. To find the 32 bit...
  24. mcasan

    EOL for Topaz Studio?

    Yesterday I someone post on the Topaz Facebook page a message from someone at Topaz saying they were getting ready to pull the plug on Topaz Studio and replace it with something else. I had heard nothing about that from Topaz. So I wrote to their Support and asked if that story was true...
  25. mcasan

    iPadOS impacts

    From info at WWDC earlier this week, this fall Apple will spin off iPadOS from IOS for phones. iPadOS will finally give the Files app the ability to mount/read/write external memory sticks, SSDs, and HHDs (they will likely need external power). I am guessing that Adobe will Ps on iPadOS, not...