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    Import failed. Video corrupted or unrecognizable

    I copied the photos and videos from my Nexus 5X phone to my PC and then did an import into lightroom using the Add option. All of the JPG images imported but all of the videos failed with the following message: "The video file appears to be corrupted or unrecognizable. It has no audio or video...
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    merge metadata from jpg to dng?

    I'm in the process of switching from Picasa to Lightroom. My camera has been set to take both RAW and JPEG. In one folder I have both the RAW and JPEG files. When I import them into LR, I unchecked the option for "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos". Therefore LR shows the...
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    Can't import/Add at full resolution

    A strange thing is happening with Lightroom CC. I want to add photos which already exist on my Win 7 PC hard drive to my catalog. I have done the following: File -> Import Photos and Video For source - I select the folder containing the photos The list of photos in the folder appears (grid...
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    Transitioning to LR - folders with RAW and JPG

    I am new to lightroom. I've been reading tons of web sites and posts on work flow. I'm still not comfortable that I know how to transition my existing photos into Lr. My folders on my PC are organized by year and within them by "event". Each event folder contains a combination of DNG and JPGs...
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    How to export and overwrite?

    I'm new to lightroom, trying to figure out my process flow. I'm stuck at the export step. Here's what I've done: My camera creates a RAW and JPG photo for each photo taken. I imported all the photos into lightroom and converted the raw images to DNG. LR is smart enough to understand that the...