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    LR3 custom print profile missing

    I'm trying to print using some custom paper profiles which worked in LR2 in LR3 I get the meesage ' The custom profile selected for this print is missing or invalid....' Any advice. thanks
  2. J

    LR3 Slideshow music

    Hi In LR2 I could use an itunes playlist and play several tracks over a slideshow. Now in LR3 it seems I can only pick 1 mp3 file?? Has it really gone backwards? :(
  3. J

    Apple display brightness issue

    Hi all After an update to version 1'.5.8 my cinema display seems to be resetting to max brightness and I have to re-calibrate before use. Has anyone else experienced this? :(
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    Epson R2880 printer profiles

    Hi All, I've just bought a new printer, Epson R288', and I have downloaded a profile for some non epson paper I purchased. I can see and select the paper profile I want in LR2.3 in the Colour Management section but when I go the print settings and select the media type only epson media types are...
  5. J

    64 bit

    Sorry this is so basic, but I'm afraid I don't understand IT or processors, can you explain 64 bit in LR2 and if I should be using it:?:
  6. J

    Monitor colour profiles

    Hi, can anyone explain to me where the correct place is for me to store colour profiles from my i1 calibrations, it defaults to library>colorsync>profiles but there other sub folders called profiles, recommended and displays, can anyone tell me what these are for and how these folders/files are...
  7. J

    Image Back ups

    Hello, can you offers some advice on a back up process. I currently store my images on my iomega drive (with individual folders copied to DVD for long offsite storage) I would like to make a copy/back of my image files to my other drive , once a month or so, I started just copy and pasting the...
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    Print module cell sizes

    I have 3 images in a quick collection which I am trying to print on one landscape page. I have created a user template which so far has the 3 images lined up across the page but each time i increase the cell spacing and then right click and try to update the current setting to the template the...
  9. J

    Eye One Display 2 and Dual Monitors (Mac)

    I've just purchased the eye-one display 2 calibrator and also have no idea how to use. My first problem is I run my 23" display from my mac book pro and from what I've read I can only have one display as my main display? I simply dragged the screen to the 23" put the device on and ran the easy...
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    New Mac Cinema Display

    Hi New user here. I've been browsing the forum and have found it really useful. I recently (this weekend) switched from PC to MAC and have a cinema display attached to laptop. I'm not very IT but the cinema display doesn't look very sharp. I've got the resolution set at 162' x 12'', am I...